As you write or update your resume, you may think of adding an accent color for some extra pizzazz or a “wow” factor. And it may be okay. But tread cautiously and wisely.

The perfect resume is not about finding the perfect color. It’s about tailoring content to the job, showing an employer your best skills, qualifications and accomplishments, and highlighting your personal brand. An accent color should serve only to enhance and modernize its general look and feel.

What’s an accent color?

An accent color is a color used strategically on your resume to compliment your primary text color. The latter should be black or a dark shade of grey, to provide optimal readability and contrast with your background, which should be white, ivory or a light shade of cream.

Which accent colors are acceptable, and when?

Your resume should say, “Color me successful” and “color me professional,” not “Ouch! This hurts my eyes.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be 100 percent black and white. Done well, accent colors can catch reader’s eyes in a good way and draw their attention to key details.

Here are a few more considerations:

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