There’s an insightful book by Robert K. Johnson and J. Walker Smith entitled Life is Not Work, Work is Not Life. It’s a meaningful title and account, as everyone struggles with work/life balance at some point – but perhaps never do the two feel more intertwined than when, suddenly, you lose your job.

No one should take this occurrence personally, but it can be hard not to. The initial shock can spiral into serious self-doubt, unless you take just a little time to grieve and then quickly get started on rebuilding your confidence, despite the huge hit it has just taken.

So binge on some rocky road ice cream and Hallmark movies – but not for too long. Then, put the brakes on feeling sorry for yourself and step into rebound mode.

Develop a routine.

Even though your work schedule no longer applies, develop a daily routine so you can regain control. A job search alone can be a full-time job, as you work on everything from refreshing your resume and networking to sprucing up your interview outfits. Use a planner or calendar, just as you did when you were working. You’ll accomplish a lot more, and feel a lot better at the end of every day.

Build your support network.

Avoid being alone for too long. Instead, reach out to close friends or a mentor. Being surrounded by this supportive circle will help rebuild your confidence, as these people are your best advocates.

Help others.

Volunteering not only helps you bounce back; it also helps your community. It enables you to keep your skills sharp and maybe master some new ones. It also helps to further build your professional network – and it may even lead you into a completely new field that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Rebound mode after a job loss is isn’t easy – and top among your supporters can be the right career coach. Turn to the PrideStaff Fresno team to meet this need, help you build your professional and job search skills and, last but not least, find your next great professional opportunity. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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