Set Yourself Up for Success in Your New Role with These Tips

The first few weeks are instrumental in setting yourself up for success in your new job. It’s important to make your presence known in a positive way, demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm, and connect with your team members.

Research studies support the importance of first impressions. According to a University of Western Ontario study, even if you later present yourself differently, a person’s initial judgment of you will stick.

Show how you’ll add value.

Begin right away to contribute to conversations and brainstorming sessions. Use your strengths and experience to find and fill gaps and relieve your boss, team and company of their pain points. Take the initiative: without being pushy or boastful or acting like a know it all, step right up to the problem-solving plate.

Begin building relationships.

Be proactive about introducing yourself. Even if you’re an extrovert, this will help you connect with your colleagues and make things easier going forward.

  • Figure out who you need to know. In other words, who will you have to reach out to in order to get your job done? Approach people wisely and with respect, including support staff. They’re called that for a reason: they really can help and often have the ear of key decision makers.
  • Make an active effort to connect with a variety of colleagues. This includes veteran employees, who can offer deep institutional knowledge and experience, as well as new hires like yourself. The latter can share new ideas and offer the camaraderie you need to feel settles.
  • Ask questions. Even if you performed the same role somewhere else, there will be things to learn, such as workflows, processes, policies and leadership preferences. No one expects you to know everything right out of the gate, so use this time to learn, as well as build those connections and broaden your understanding of your new team, company and role.

Relax and be patient.

A new job can be overwhelming – and it will take time to learn the ropes. Be patient and kind to yourself. If you find you’re struggling, reach out to a colleague or supervisor for guidance.

  • Remember: they hired you for a reason. To paraphrase actress Sally Field as she accepted the Academy Award for best actress in 1985, “You like me! Right now, you like me!” Your new employer likes you, and if you make a strong first impression and live up to it afterwards, it will be for much longer than just “right now.” Show them from Day One that they made the right decision.

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