The term “transferable skills” is, in essence, self-explanatory. It refers to positive abilities and strengths in job candidates which seamlessly transfer from job to job and industry to industry. As you assess applicants for a role, you need to be able to evaluate these qualities just as you do the education and level of professional experience required.

Get Started on Your Checklist

Top among the transferable skills you may want to include on your candidate checklist are:

  1. Communication: Public speaking, leading discussions, active listening, writing and content development. All are critical for teamwork and productivity.
  2. Negotiation: Emotional intelligence and persuasion join communication and active listening as these skills help minimize conflict and reach mutual agreements.
  3. Organization: Time management, delegation, planning, task prioritization and attention to detail help workers use their time and energy wisely.
  4. Teamwork: Collaboration, delegation, a willingness to help others, and knowing how to pay to their strengths.
  5. Leadership: This is all about engaging, motivating and directing a team or workforce. It encompasses coaching and mentoring, feedback and problem-solving, among other strengths.
  6. Project Management: These are the capabilities necessary to effectively coordinate and execute a project from start to finish. Look for critical thinking, as well as schedule, time and risk management.
  7. Problem Solving: The ability to spot issues early on, analyze their root causes, and come up with solutions, while maintaining resilience throughout the process.
  8. Critical Thinking: This enables a person to think clearly, make levelheaded decisions, and assess situations rationally, even in a crisis.
  9. Data Analysis: A candidate doesn’t have to be a tech expert, but they do need to be able to interpret and apply numeric data as it relates to their work.
  10. Giving and Receiving Feedback: This involves unbiased judgment, active listening, mentoring and coaching, and negotiation.
  11. Purpose: Candidate with a sense of purpose are more connected and productive. They are goal oriented and adept at big-picture thinking and solidifying ideas.

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