10 Tips to Help You Get Hired ASAP

It can take a while to find a new job. If you’re feeling a sense of urgency to get hired in the right position as soon as possible, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to expedite the process. Here are 10 tips to get you started: Apply only for jobs that […]

How to Ace Your Job Interview in 2023

No matter how awesome your resume reads or how well you’ve followed every job search step so far, your face-to-face interview can make or break your chances of being hired. It can be a daunting experience, but with the right preparation, you can steer that nervous energy in a positive direction so it works for […]

What Does “Business Casual” Look Like in 2023?

Business casual attire has a lot of advantages. It’s practical, it’s professional, it’s adaptable to both the office and your after-hours plans, and it can be very affordable. But it’s important to get it right, or you may fail on all these counts. If you really want to get scientific about it, one recent study […]

Tips to Explain Your Career Break with Confidence

Secrets to Finding a Great Job (That are Not Really Secrets) PrideStaff Fresno

If you’ve taken a break from your career to raise a family, care for a loved one, or for any other reason – and you’re now thinking of returning to the workforce – know that you’re not alone. A recent survey shows that 59 percent of all Americans have experienced employment gaps at some point. […]

Want to Make a Great First Impression at Your New Job?

In the words of actor and social commentator Will Rogers, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This holds true in virtually any situation, including your first days at a new job. Being the new kid on the block can be challenging, exciting – and stressful and daunting at the same […]

Set Yourself Up for Success in Your New Role with These Tips

The first few weeks are instrumental in setting yourself up for success in your new job. It’s important to make your presence known in a positive way, demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm, and connect with your team members. Research studies support the importance of first impressions. According to a University of Western Ontario study, even […]

Rebuilding Your Career Confidence After Losing Your Job

Secrets to Finding a Great Job (That are Not Really Secrets) PrideStaff Fresno

There’s an insightful book by Robert K. Johnson and J. Walker Smith entitled Life is Not Work, Work is Not Life. It’s a meaningful title and account, as everyone struggles with work/life balance at some point – but perhaps never do the two feel more intertwined than when, suddenly, you lose your job. No one […]

Don’t Make These Mistakes During a Final Interview!

A final job interview is just that: your last chance to impress a hiring manager and/or members of a search committee before they select the candidate they want to hire. The field has been narrowed to its last point: there are only a small number of contenders left, and congratulations because, you’re one of them. […]

Prep for a Productive Week with These Sunday Night Routine Tips

Like it or not, Monday morning is coming. How nice would it be to approach it without a sense of stress or dread as Sunday evening rolls around? Why cheat yourself out of any of the much-deserved rest and relaxation you look forward to every weekend? The only tradeoff is: Allow yourself just a small […]

Difficult Boss? Here’s What You Can Do:

Do you have a difficult boss? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by their demands? Don’t despair – there are ways to cope with a difficult boss. In this blog post, we’ll share tips and advice on how to manage your relationship with a difficult boss and make the most of the situation. With […]