Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Recruiters spend mere seconds on their first review of candidates’ resumes – and may not see them at all until after they’ve passed through an applicant tracking system (ATS) – software that handles initial screens as the first part of a company’s recruiting and hiring process. To help ensure you get onto the short list […]

What You Can Do to Make Mondays Less Painful

There are a lot of “morning people” in the world … but Monday morning people?! Okay, there are probably some. And if you’re one of them, good for you – and you can stop reading right here. Studies have shown, though, that a significant majority of employees who start their work week on Mondays rank […]

What are the Impacts of Sleep Deprivation on Your Career?

Actor, director and producer, Thomas Dekker, summed it up well when he said, “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” Dekker could have added our minds, our stress level, our general well-being, work performance and career success to the list, but the gist is there. As reported by the Harvard […]

How to Answer the Most Common Interview Questions

The number and range of questions asked during an interview are limitless. So, how do you begin to know what to expect as you prepare ahead of time? Here’s a look at some of the most common inquiries that come up as hiring managers narrow down their decision – and how to reply: Classic Questions […]

How to Fix the Problem of Not Being Hired

Rejection is hurtful in any situation, but repeatedly getting a negative or no response at all when it comes to job applications, callbacks, interviews or offers can do a real number on your psyche and self-esteem. If you’re starting to feel like you’ve been burned so often you may never get near the fire again, […]

Here’s What You Need to Know to Stay Healthy at Work

Looking after your physical and mental health can be challenging, with everything else going on right now. The obvious concerns at this time are fighting Covid-19, the flu, RSV and similar bugs. But while that’s critically important, it’s part of a bigger picture: keeping it all in balance. Doing so can be even harder if […]

Secrets to Finding a Great Job (That are Not Really Secrets)

Secrets to Finding a Great Job (That are Not Really Secrets) PrideStaff Fresno

It’s no secret that the current labor market leans in favor of job seekers. And that includes you, right? But, this doesn’t mean landing the job of your dreams is a given. Things could still go wrong and there may be setbacks along the way. However, you can be more successful by building not only […]

Mindset Matters: How to Bring Your Best to Work and Home

Mindset Matters: How to Bring Your Best to Work and Home

Can the way you think about yourself affect what you achieve? The answer is a solid “yes.” Your mindset matters in all you do, whether it’s at work or in your personal life. And the way you think about your intellect, talents and skills determines whether you remain mired in old habits or stretch, grow, […]

Follow This Guide to Improve Your Communication Skills

Follow This Guide to Improve Your Communication Skills

Continuously improving your communication skills helps in virtually every area of your life and career. At work, becoming a better communicator makes it easier for you to not only achieve success, but also to have your victories noted by people who count. Communication in the workplace isn’t just about how well you talk to and […]

These 4 Tips Will Help You Become More Valuable to Your Employer

To advance your career and make your day-to-day job as fulfilling as possible, it helps to become your boss’s go-to person – the one they naturally turn to for insight, support, and the ability to take on more responsibilities quickly. In other words, become more valuable to your employer by being indispensable. This means taking […]