Helpful Summer Job Search Tips


When it comes to your job search, summer doesn’t have to mean “slow.” Your time and effort can reap big rewards – and even land you the job of your dreams by fall. Remember, if you decide to take the summer off, you’ll be competing against candidates who take the same approach come September. Debunk… Read more »

Thinking About Relocating? Questions You Need to Ask


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Relocation can feel like a high-stakes proposition, with many unknowns. Whether you’re elated or slightly terrified at the possibility – or both – this is not a decision to be taken lightly. As you make a calculated, informed choice, there are a number of questions you can ask yourself. Just be sure to answer them… Read more »

What to Say When You Got Fired


Being asked why you were terminated from your previous position is probably the most challenging interview question you’ll ever have to face. It’s an uncomfortable topic to discuss under any circumstances, especially when trying to explain it to a prospective employer. Here are a few pointers to help you get past the sticky issue of… Read more »

Do You Love Your Job?


If you work full time, you may fit into the majority of similar people in the United States who, according to recent statistics, spend an average of 37 hours a week, or 7.4 hours a day, at work. Those who are happy with their jobs are 12 percent more productive than others. It’s encouraging to… Read more »

How to Ace a Phone Interview


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Your resume alone may not be enough to get you in the door for an in-person job interview. Often, a telephone interview is a preliminary step. For instance, if a prospective employer has 100 applicants for a position, they may narrow the field to 15 who are interviewed by phone – and then seven or… Read more »

Can You Spot the Signs of a Bad Hire?


Successful recruitment begins the moment you decide to hire a new employee – and continues through your hiring strategy and process. Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, a bad hire happens. If you fear that’s the case, there are signs you can watch for to help verify your concern. Red Flags Let’s hope it didn’t… Read more »

Didn’t Get the Job? How and When to Ask for Feedback


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Asking for feedback after a job rejection can be a bit stressful – but it also can be very beneficial as you continue your search for a new position. When, how and why should you take this step? First of all, keep your spirits up. Maybe that one employer didn’t think you were right for… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Taking a Temporary Position in the New Year


Temporary jobs can produce excellent long-term results for your career, your pocketbook and your brand. Since the most recent global recession ended in 2009, temporary positions have accounted for about 19 percent of the American workforce, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Temporary employees are the solution for overflow or seasonal work, and… Read more »

3 Things to Help You Get Hired Now!


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  Don’t lose your job search momentum as the year winds down. With many people taking a break from job hunting during the holidays – and, employers often having extra down time and preparing their strategy for the New Year ahead – December can be a fruitful time to work on finding  the position of… Read more »

Don’t Blink! How to Keep One Eye Open on the Job Market


Don’t Let the Summer Heat Ruin Team Productivity

Your next great job could be out there waiting for you … so you need to keep one eye on the market, no matter how perfect your current career situation may be. Especially if you excel at what you do – or, if you are contemplating a change in career direction – stay awake and… Read more »