What Do Hiring Managers Love to Ask on Phone Interviews?

Often, one of the first steps in a company’s hiring process is a phone interview with candidates who have piqued their interest via their resumes and cover letters. This is generally a very high-level evaluation as recruiters screen for risks, try to validate your qualifications, and see if you’d be a good overall fit for […]

A Guide to Writing a Cover Letter for All Types of Job Seekers

You’ve finished your resume and polished it up, so it looks perfect for that job that’s piqued your interest. Should you add a cover letter, and if so, what should it include? The answer is yes – and when considering its contents, think of your cover letter as an additional opportunity to present yourself as […]

4 Tips for Addressing Your Covid-19 Layoff in a Resume and Interview

Are you one of the millions who have been laid off as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? This ongoing crisis has significantly impacted the job market in many industries, nationwide and around the world. As you recover, exactly what you should say about your Covid-related employment gap on your resume, in your cover letter, […]

How to Overcome Challenges of Working from Home

How’s your work-from-home situation going? There’s a good chance you’ve been at it for several months now. And while it has plenty of perks, the challenges remain. Plus, like everyone else, you’re just plain old tired of this pandemic and its restrictions. Try to stay positive and look at the bright side. And whether you […]

Taking Time Off During COVID-19 and Making the Most of It

If you’ve been working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, have you taken any time off? That doesn’t mean that “working from home/setting my own hours/letting the workday mush into the evening and weekend” schedule that you may have adopted as the months rolled on. There’s nothing wrong with that flexibility, of course. But, you could […]

Questions to Ask Your Employer When Returning to Work

COVID-19 numbers continue to fluctuate from day to day and region to region, even as the virus is well into its ninth month in the United States and around the world. Stepping outside your protective bubble and going back to work can be a scary proposition.  But you have a right to expect that your work environment will not […]

Learn How to Keep a Productive Work-Life Balance

For the better part of a year, the Covid-19 pandemic has upended the way we work and live. Balancing these two components was never easy, but coronavirus has taken this challenge to new and unprecedented levels.   For many, the new normal means working from home instead of commuting back and forth from the office. Those whose jobs have […]

Moving Up: How to Become a Warehouse Supervisor

Do you enjoy working in the fast-paced, dynamic environment of a warehouse, but would like to take things to the next level and become a supervisor? Good for you! It’s a natural career progression and an exciting prospect. But, how do you head down that path? The Role of a Warehouse Supervisor Working in a […]

The Value of Taking a Temporary Job During a Time of Uncertainty

Since the onset of Covid-19, approximately 30 million Americans have been on unemployment. During a single two-week period in early July, 4.1 million lost their jobs. It’s been a rough ride, but history has shown that temporary jobs are a hot commodity once an economy begins to recover. As the job market expands again, companies […]

Safety Tips from Health Experts When Returning to Work

As you return to work during the Covid-19 pandemic, things will not look or feel the same – any more than they do in other aspects of your life. It truly is a new normal and a shared responsibility among everyone to keep themselves and others safe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and […]