Learn About Employee Advocacy and Why It’s Important

When you buy a product or service, what are the driving factors behind your purchase decision? Ads, coupons, or a company’s Facebook page can all be helpful sources. But, there’s helpful – and there’s influential. More likely than not, you’ll be influenced to finalize your selection by someone you know and trust: perhaps a friend, […]

How to Develop a Plan for Employees Returning to Work

The Covid-19 pandemic started as a short-term crisis – or so everyone thought. But soon, it will enter its second year. What was perceived as a sprint has become a marathon and a total shift in the way people think, work, and live. As your employees return to the workplace in the shadow of coronavirus, […]

5 Tips for Helping Your Team Stay Productive While Working from Home

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, working from home was a growing trend. One study conducted in 2019 showed that by 2028, 78 percent of all companies would have remote workers on their payrolls. And since March of last year, remote work has become the norm for an unprecedented number of businesses and their team members. […]

Learn How to Properly Review a Resume

Every resume tells a story. The best job candidates use theirs to grab your attention and leave you wanting to know more. They give you that “aha moment” that tells you that this is someone who deserves an interview.  When you’re faced with a daunting pile of resumes for a job opening, what can you look for to […]

How to Improve the Relationship Between Managers and Employees

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” As you build a winning culture at your company, these are words to live by. The source: Michael Jordan, former NBA star and principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets. In his heyday, he led the Chicago Bulls to six world championships. So M.J. knows a thing […]

Learn Tips for How to Show Empathy in the Workplace

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” These words from President Teddy Roosevelt ring true for all relationships, in and out of the workplace. Empathy is a vital leadership competency, one you want to encourage and develop in your managers and others. And it’s critical to solidifying good work […]

The Importance of Overcommunicating with Employees During COVID-19

Crisis communication refers to the technologies, systems, and processes that enable your organization to convey messages back and forth to your workforce and other stakeholders in the event of an emergency. Earlier this year, the need for a robust crisis communication plan hit companies worldwide like a tidal wave, with the onset of COVID-19. To […]

Employer Branding is More Important than Ever

Effective employer branding helps your company stay competitive, as well as attract and retain the best talent. Always top priorities, these considerations have taken on even stronger meaning during the unprecedented – many would say cataclysmic – year that has been 2020. Employer branding is no longer just a marketing buzzword; it’s an essential business […]

Learn How Managers Can Effectively Engage with their Employees

Engaged employees show up at work every day and get involved, not just because they’re being paid to do so, but because they are invested, emotionally and otherwise, in their work, their future, and the ongoing success of their company. An organization whose team members are actively engaged will benefit from higher productivity, enhanced customer […]

Protect Your Business from the Coronavirus Outbreak

How are you coping with the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on your business? What are you doing to keep yourself and your employees safe? It’s a new world for the time being, and everyone is learning as they go. As you continue to protect your organization, here are some tips and ideas: Implement Your […]