6 Tips for Hiring the Right Receptionist


Skilled receptionists are in high demand, and the best candidates don’t stay in the job market for long.  And because they are often the first point of contact with your customers, you don’t want to settle when it comes to filling this position. Follow these tips to ensure you find the right combination of experience… Read more »

How Employees Benefit From Continuous Training


Effective training should start on day one of an employee’s tenure at your company and become successive as a person grows within the organization. The short-term expense is well worth the long-term gains, as you develop satisfied, qualified, productive workers. Recent research showed that 40 percent of employees who received poor training left their jobs… Read more »

What Hiring Managers Should Look for in Resumes


Creating a Top Tier Resume in Fresno

A job candidate’s resume is their first introduction to you, the hiring manager responsible for matching the best talent with the right roles. Hiring mistakes are devastatingly costly to everyone involved – starting with you, your HR team and your organization. They hurt candidates, too, so you want to avoid them at all cost. It’s… Read more »

Using Behavioral Interviews to Find the Right Candidate


A behavioral approach to interviewing can take the guesswork out of hiring with a structured process that helps you better assess candidates’ knowledge, skills, work styles and other relevant competencies – as you narrow the field toward your final decision. Behavioral questions delve into an individual’s actions and results in past work situations that are… Read more »

How to Handle a Candidate Whose Background – But Not Personality – Fits the Criteria


How to Find Top Job References

Skills versus personality … which one is more important in a job candidate? A successful long-term employee has a personality that matches both their role within your company and your workplace culture. And while skills, knowledge and ability can be developed with experience, an employee’s personality is unlikely to change. In one study of more… Read more »

Questions to Ask in an Interview of Candidates Who Change Jobs Frequently


Finding a Career Mentor

Not all job hoppers are alike. When you first glance at the resume of a candidate who has changed jobs frequently in recent years, it may send up an automatic red flag that makes you want to toss it immediately into the “reject” pile. Not so fast. Be careful not to miss out on a… Read more »

Are You Allowing Your Employees to Take Enough Time Off?


Keeping your employees happy, focused and productive is vital to the success of your business. And today, people view benefits – including paid vacation – as being just as important as salary when it comes to where they work. It’s time that every employer got smart about the critical need to offer work/life balance to… Read more »

How Unique Interview Questions Could Help You To Know the Candidate Better


Hiring in Fresno | PrideStaff Fresno

Hiring the right employee, the first time around, is one of the most important things you do as a manager and a leader. Costly hiring mistakes can be devastating to your bottom line, morale and overall business success. As you interview candidates, you have two goals. The first is to assess their skills and ability… Read more »

Can an Employee Ask Too Many Questions?


Asking questions is a normal part of everyone’s workday. In fact, you want employees who are naturally interested, inquisitive and curious. But, dealing with constant barrages of questions can make it difficult to get your own job done. A key part of your job as a manager is providing clear, direct feedback. But you wouldn’t… Read more »

5 Tips For Retaining Your Top Talent


You invest a lot in your top talent. And in today’s workplace, company loyalty has changed dramatically. Millennial employees have a reputation for moving quickly from job to job, and the days of staying with a company long enough to earn that gold watch for 25 or more years of service are fast becoming ancient… Read more »