How to Effectively Set Goals for Your Employees

You may be skilled at reacting to orders from above, questions from below and all the other day-to-day demands of your workplace. You may work long hours, be well-liked and respected, and be the model of organizational efficiency. But, unless you’re proactive in setting the right goals for your employees, you aren’t an effective manager. […]

Questions You Should Never Ask a Candidate in an Interview

As you prepare to interview job candidates, you probably spend a considerable amount of time planning which questions to ask. As you should; after all, an interview is often the last step before your final hiring decision. However, it’s equally important to know which questions not to ask and which topics to avoid all together. […]

How a Slow Hiring Process Can Damage Your Company

Time to fill vacant jobs averages approximately 44 days, an increase of 50 percent since 2010. This trend doesn’t bode well for employers who want to win the competitive talent war – especially with unemployment continuing at a low rate and supporting a candidate-driven market. Slow hiring has a negative ripple effect that hurts your […]

Learn About Great Ways to Reward Your Employees

As a Manager, This is How to Motivate Your Employees

Companies that invest in employee recognition are among the most innovative, profitable and successful organizations in the world. They realize their greatest asset and the key to their success is their people, and that every individual needs to feel appreciated for working hard and going the extra mile. Key Components of Your Recognition Program According […]

The Best Ways to Keep Employees Motivated When Times Are Tough

To keep the best talent on board at your company, you need to think about key employee motivators, during both good and bad times. If you hit a rough patch for economic or other reasons, help your team members stay positive despite the negative circumstances around them. Offer Praise and Recognition In challenging times, employee […]

Learn the Best Ways to Handle a Difficult Employee

As a manager, it’s inevitable you’ll have to deal with difficult employees from time to time. You can’t ignore them because, chances are, the problem won’t just go away. Difficult employees can sap morale, decimate productivity and stir up unrest in team members due to their disturbing behavior. It’s never fun, but taking a timely, […]

Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Job Posting

What does your job posting say about your company? The words you use matter and can make a big impact in terms of who responds. Crafting a compelling posting is like writing any other good advertisement: You need to know your audience, address them in a language they understand, and offer them what they want. […]

Do You Know Your True Hiring Needs?

Strategic staffing is an ongoing process. And you’re so busy each day that you may find yourself filling positions on a “must-have” basis, rather than stepping back to evaluate whether or not your company’s true hiring needs are being met. It happens to the best of HR pros. If you miscalculate staffing, you run the […]

How to Determine the ROI of a New Employee

When you hire a new employee, you make a significant investment of time, money and resources. How do you know if you’ll realize a worthwhile return on those expenses? Hiring success is determined by the quality and performance of a new hire. Here are some barometers to gauge these factors: Percentage of goals and qualifications […]

Tips for Helping Employees Improve Accountability

Accountability means being responsible and answerable for your actions. When employers and employees are accountable to each other, employees can trust their work will be valued and rewarded appropriately. Accountability allows people to exercise autonomy and feel more invested in the company. This incites them to perform better, more creatively and more efficiently. Lead by […]