Do You Know Your True Hiring Needs?

Strategic staffing is an ongoing process. And you’re so busy each day that you may find yourself filling positions on a “must-have” basis, rather than stepping back to evaluate whether or not your company’s true hiring needs are being met. It happens to the best of HR pros. If you miscalculate staffing, you run the […]

How to Determine the ROI of a New Employee

When you hire a new employee, you make a significant investment of time, money and resources. How do you know if you’ll realize a worthwhile return on those expenses? Hiring success is determined by the quality and performance of a new hire. Here are some barometers to gauge these factors: Percentage of goals and qualifications […]

Tips for Helping Employees Improve Accountability

Accountability means being responsible and answerable for your actions. When employers and employees are accountable to each other, employees can trust their work will be valued and rewarded appropriately. Accountability allows people to exercise autonomy and feel more invested in the company. This incites them to perform better, more creatively and more efficiently. Lead by […]

Identify Performance Problems in the Workplace

Workplace performance issues rarely fix themselves. Ideally, you need to identify them before they magnify into major problems. At the very least, you need to reel them in, bringing employees and teams back to maximum productivity. Causes of Underperformance When considering how to rectify poor performance, begin by identifying its underlying causes. This will help […]

How to Determine Whether a Candidate Is Reliable

Reliability is a tough quality to judge in a job candidate – as it is in anyone you’re meeting for the first time. Yet, it’s a critical trait in a new hire, not just because you want someone who will show up for work every day. You also want team members who meet deadlines, chip […]

Tips For Uncovering Your True Hiring Needs

The best hiring strategy comes down to two key factors: knowing exactly what you need in a new employee – and knowing where to find it. If you effectively address these two areas, then you can stay on track for talent acquisition success. Follow This Checklist To be sure you clearly understand your hiring needs, […]

Important Things You Can Learn From Exit Interviews

Follow This Guide to Improve Your Communication Skills

It’s tough when a good employee leaves your company. Rarely can you change their mind, once they’ve made up their minds – but you can use an exit interview as a rich source of information to help your organization improve. Rarely, if ever, will you receive such candid, frank feedback from a current member of […]

Follow These Steps to Simplify Your Hiring Process

The average time it takes to fill an open position is about 42 days – up from just 25 days a few years ago. Due to the ease with which anyone can now apply for a job, the volume of potential candidates for most roles has increased substantially – and with this increase has come […]

The Importance of Investing in Employee Satisfaction

It should come as no surprise that happy employees are more productive. Research continues to support this fact, including a study of more than 700 workers conducted by the University of Warwick. It showed that happy employees were 12 percent more productive than their counterparts, while unhappy employees were 10 percent less productive. In other […]

When is the Right Time to Promote an Employee?

As a manager, it’s part of your job to identify and groom the next generation of leaders within your company. You may have a good idea of what an employee’s next step should be, but how do you determine exactly when to promote them? If you act too soon, an individual may be overwhelmed by […]