Why You Should Allow Your Co-Workers to Give You a Peer Review

A recent study showed that less than half (45 percent) of workers felt their annual reviews were a fair representation of their work performance. Only 37 percent said their managers provided accurate feedback. When you’re seeking the full picture of your performance, don’t just look up the organizational chart – but also look right, left, […]

Are You Allowing Your Employees to Take Enough Time Off?

Keeping your employees happy, focused and productive is vital to the success of your business. And today, people view benefits – including paid vacation – as being just as important as salary when it comes to where they work. It’s time that every employer got smart about the critical need to offer work/life balance to […]

How Unique Interview Questions Could Help You To Know the Candidate Better

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Hiring the right employee, the first time around, is one of the most important things you do as a manager and a leader. Costly hiring mistakes can be devastating to your bottom line, morale and overall business success. As you interview candidates, you have two goals. The first is to assess their skills and ability […]

Can an Employee Ask Too Many Questions?

Asking questions is a normal part of everyone’s workday. In fact, you want employees who are naturally interested, inquisitive and curious. But, dealing with constant barrages of questions can make it difficult to get your own job done. A key part of your job as a manager is providing clear, direct feedback. But you wouldn’t […]

How to Handle Bickering Employees

It’s unrealistic to think all your employees will get along famously, all the time. But you may be surprised to hear that typical managers spend up to 40 percent of their time on conflict resolution – and 60 to 80 percent of workplace trouble is due to strained employee relationships. How can you avoid having […]

Should You Allow Employees to Telecommute?

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Workplace norms have changed dramatically in recent years. From 2005 to 2012, telecommuting grew by 80 percent, due in large part to technological advancements and the influx of millennials into the workforce. Allowing employees to work from home or another remote location has its pros and cons. Will it work for your company? The Plusses […]

What to Look for When Checking References

The cost of a poor hire can be as high as three to four times their salary. When you add in intangible costs such as stress and lower morale on the part of co-workers, you can easy see why it’s worthwhile not to skip reference checks as a key part of your hiring process. All […]

Are You Micromanaging Your Employees?

Avoiding an HR Meltdown in Fresno

Are you a micromanager? Knowing how much supervision to give can be difficult: too little, and people could become lost and unproductive; too much, and you could end up with freaked-out, demoralized employees. Despite good intentions, micromanagers ultimately hurt their business as their supervisory style results in low morale, wasted time and often, high turnover. […]

Reeling in March Madness

Take a Break During the Day to Increase Productivity in Fresno

Approximately 50 million Americans contribute to March Madness pools at work. This level of participation is estimated to cost employers more than $1.9 billion in lost productivity. It may be tempting to bar all March Madness-related activities in your workplace, but … bah humbug! Experts agree this will not only hurt your reputation as a […]