Your Interview Isn’t Over When You Leave the Room

After your job interview concludes and you leave the premises, you can bet that you continue to be the topic of conversation among your interviewers. In fact, it’s not a good sign if they dismiss you and forget about you right away. That’s What They Said About You As they discuss you as a candidate, […]

Help Your Millennial Employees Reach Their Full Potential

There are 80 million millennials in the U.S. workforce –and they will represent 75 percent of all workers nationwide by 2025. They are members of the last generation born in the 20th century – and they are the future. So as an employer, you need to understand their motivators, leverage their strengths, and help them […]

Help your friends. Get paid. It’s that simple!

Do you know someone who dreads heading into work each and every day? We can help you, help them.  And you’ll get rewarded too! If you know someone currently looking for employment, or someone that might benefit from a change in scenery, let us know. Simply complete this short Refer a Friend form and we’ll get to […]

With 2015 Halfway Finished…Are You on Track to Reach Your Annual Goals?

Reaching 2015 Annual Business Goals in Fresno

Here it is, June already. That means it’s time for your six-month business checkup. You developed a great plan for 2015 and how have two quarters of execution behind you. Now is the time to pause for review, reflection and any needed adjustments. Your midyear analysis is a key driver in making sure that you’re […]

Looking Toward Setting Annual Goals in 2015

Were New Year’s resolutions meant to be broken? The statistics would support this theory, as one-third of all Americans resolve to better themselves every January. While 75 percent of them uphold their resolutions for at least a week, only 46 percent are still on track six months later. But when it comes to your career […]

Job Seekers: 2014 Recap and Top Posts

2014 has been a solid year for job seekers.  The U.S. economy grew at a 4.6 percent rate in the second quarter and job growth averaged more than 200,000 a month, up significantly from last year. Q2 was the nation’s strongest quarter since 2011 based on gross domestic product, the broadest measure of goods and […]

A Recap of the Most Viewed HR Content for 2014

As the New Year begins, hiring in the U.S. continues its upward trend and job openings are at a near-record high. In 2015, monthly job gains are forecast to reach 250,000 a month or approximately 3 million for the year. California’s economy, like that of the nation, continues to improve. Unemployment is trending down and […]