Fresno’s Booming Industries: 2024 Job Opportunities and Hiring Trends

If Fresno County is home, or you would like it to be where you grow your career and lifestyle starting in 2024, which professional opportunities and growth trends should you be aware of as you seek out your next employer? Job openings are up in a variety of areas, from roles requiring a doctoral or […]

Top 5 Job Opportunities in Fresno CA

Why live in Fresno, California? And, what kind of job opportunities are there if you did decide to make it your hometown? Fresno offers the advantages of big-city living, yet it has retained a small-town feel. Amenities like shopping, an amazing, diverse restaurant scene and world-class hospitals compliment farmers markets and fresh produce all year […]

Tips to Land Your Dream Job

It’s out there: the job you’ve been looking for. Even if you’re feeling a bit intimidated or discouraged at the prospect of finding it, with a little planning and perseverance, it will happen – maybe even sooner than you think. As far as that planning goes, start with these tips: When you find a company […]

Celebrating Diversity in a Leadership Role

The benefits of a diverse workplace have been well documented. They include higher creativity and productivity, a more positive employer brand, and enhanced marketing and talent acquisition opportunities. And like everything else good about your business, building and celebrating diversity starts at the top. In fact, it all comes back to you. Your own identity […]

What are the Impacts of Sleep Deprivation on Your Career?

Actor, director and producer, Thomas Dekker, summed it up well when he said, “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” Dekker could have added our minds, our stress level, our general well-being, work performance and career success to the list, but the gist is there. As reported by the Harvard […]

How to Determine Whether a Candidate Is Reliable

Reliability is a tough quality to judge in a job candidate – as it is in anyone you’re meeting for the first time. Yet, it’s a critical trait in a new hire, not just because you want someone who will show up for work every day. You also want team members who meet deadlines, chip […]

Can an Employee Ask Too Many Questions?

Asking questions is a normal part of everyone’s workday. In fact, you want employees who are naturally interested, inquisitive and curious. But, dealing with constant barrages of questions can make it difficult to get your own job done. A key part of your job as a manager is providing clear, direct feedback. But you wouldn’t […]

Be Careful What You’re Posting on Social Media

Social media can help – or hurt – your career. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the confines of your resume, cover letter and interview. Just remember, while social media is a prime communication vehicle, it’s all public. So, use your best judgment regarding […]

5 Tips For Retaining Your Top Talent

You invest a lot in your top talent. And in today’s workplace, company loyalty has changed dramatically. Millennial employees have a reputation for moving quickly from job to job, and the days of staying with a company long enough to earn that gold watch for 25 or more years of service are fast becoming ancient […]