The Dos and Don’ts of Phone Interviews

Never underestimate the importance of a telephone interview. It’s much more than just a formality. Be excited and pat yourself on the back, because even getting this far in a potential employer’s hiring process is a victory. It means your resume has passed muster and yes, they’re interested in learning more about you. But, this […]

Be Sure to Avoid Bias and Discrimination in Hiring with these Tips

As you embrace a truly inclusive culture, you need to take every stop possible to erase bias in hiring and throughout your company. Bias inevitably occurs in virtually every industry – and initiatives must be ongoing to minimize or eliminate it as it can have devastating effects on diversity, recruiting and promotion and retention strategies. […]

The Best Resources to Look for Jobs You’ll Love This Summer

Management Tips to Help Your Teams Thrive

As you launch your job search, your first thought may be that summer isn’t the best time for it. Well, think again.  Although it’s true that many people, including hiring managers, take vacations at this time of year, employers’ goals to hire top talent never take a break. In fact, even if you have to […]

Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

The value of communication within a workplace cannot be underestimated. Your verbal and written interactions with employees, managers, and coworkers help encourage everyone to contribute successfully to projects and assignments and bolster ongoing relationships between team members. Effective communication not only fosters team building but also: Boosts the growth of people’s careers – and your […]

How to Fix the Problem of Not Being Hired

Rejection is hurtful in any situation, but repeatedly getting a negative or no response at all when it comes to job applications, callbacks, interviews or offers can do a real number on your psyche and self-esteem. If you’re starting to feel like you’ve been burned so often you may never get near the fire again, […]

Can an Employee Ask Too Many Questions?

Asking questions is a normal part of everyone’s workday. In fact, you want employees who are naturally interested, inquisitive and curious. But, dealing with constant barrages of questions can make it difficult to get your own job done. A key part of your job as a manager is providing clear, direct feedback. But you wouldn’t […]

3 Reasons New Employees Fail (And How to Avoid This)

Research has shown that 46 percent of employees fail within 18 months of starting a new job – and it’s not because they lack the necessary skills. During the hiring process, managers tend to focus too much on technical and educational requirements and not enough on interpersonal relationships and finding the right cultural fit. In […]

Made a Mistake on the Job? Follow These Steps

You really blew it this time – you made a major mistake at work. Your first instinct is to run and hide! You may react in panic, saying too much and overcomplicating an already inflammatory situation. Or you may be tempted to hastily cover up your error and find ways to defend yourself. While seeking […]

Don’t Chase Them Away! Simplify Your Application Process

Searching and applying for a job is just a few clicks away. But beyond quickly pulling up a list of options, applicants need a total process that is efficient, streamlined and user friendly. What Candidates WantTake a good look at how you currently handle applications and continuously make improvements. Dedicate a featured part of your […]

What Does Your Employment History Say About You?

Your employment history may comprise up to 85 percent of your resume. It tells a prospective employer how long you’ve performed duties and realized accomplishments relevant to the job being offered – so if you had any doubts about its importance, you can put them to rest. In fact, your employment history may be the deciding […]