Staffing Metrics That Matter: A Guide for Fresno HR Professionals

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Recruitment, like any other critical business indicator, needs to be strategically planned and executed –  and accurately monitored for success. To make effective, data-driven hiring decisions, you need to know which metrics to track in order to deliver desired results including productivity, profitability, diversity, and an ongoing positive ROI. So, which staffing metrics matter the […]

Building a Strong Employer Brand: Fresno’s Guide to Attracting Talent

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Your organization needs to stand out if you want to build an industry-leading team and remain an employer of choice. You already know that your company reputation matters – and now more than ever, it can be a deal breaker when it comes to staffing. Consumer Brand vs. Employer Brand Your consumer brand is your […]

Fresno’s Booming Industries: 2024 Job Opportunities and Hiring Trends

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If Fresno County is home, or you would like it to be where you grow your career and lifestyle starting in 2024, which professional opportunities and growth trends should you be aware of as you seek out your next employer? Job openings are up in a variety of areas, from roles requiring a doctoral or […]

Staff Training and Development: A California Employers Best Practices

There are numerous reasons to stay current with your company’s training and development programs. They can help enhance your employer brand, bolstering your talent attraction and retention efforts. They also help encourage innovative thinking, mitigate risks, and give your business a competitive edge. Last but not least, failure to comply with training requirements can result […]

Apply Now: Your Fast Track to Exciting Opportunities

California’s diverse job market presents a myriad of opportunities for job seekers. Navigating this landscape can be challenging, but working with a California staffing agency can streamline the process and open doors to exciting career paths. Understanding the California Job Market: California boasts a diverse economy, spanning technology, healthcare, entertainment, and more. Identifying high-demand sectors […]

How to Build Your Professional Network

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Business and careers revolve around people. Even if you’re not in a direct customer-facing role or industry, you still need to connect with others in order to build your brand and achieve your professional goals. Ask any successful person how they got where they are today, and virtually every one will tell you that their […]

How to Fresno Job Seekers Improve Their Networking Skills

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Networking has always been important when it comes to building your career. Today’s constantly interconnected world is no exception. Networking – both in person and online – enables you to build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and industries, expand your knowledge, and often, get the inside track on new job opportunities before they are […]

Do You Know How to Confidently Navigate Hiring in Fresno During a Labor Shortage?

The job marketplace has evolved drastically in recent years, with the ball in candidates’ court more often than not. And even when candidates are plentiful, making the right hiring decision is a challenge. What’s an employer to do? Here are some suggestions: Know your hiring needs. Anticipate as many of your upcoming hiring needs as […]

Top 5 Job Opportunities in Fresno CA

Why live in Fresno, California? And, what kind of job opportunities are there if you did decide to make it your hometown? Fresno offers the advantages of big-city living, yet it has retained a small-town feel. Amenities like shopping, an amazing, diverse restaurant scene and world-class hospitals compliment farmers markets and fresh produce all year […]