Have You Been Unemployed for Longer Than You Expected?

Being unemployed for an extended period can be frustrating, depressing, and frankly, soul-gutting. It can lead you to doubt your abilities, your strengths, and if it’s too prolonged, your self-worth. Even if you’ve experienced a job loss due to factors outside your control, like the economic cutbacks that have been so prevalent in recent years, […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Phone Interviews

Never underestimate the importance of a telephone interview. It’s much more than just a formality. Be excited and pat yourself on the back, because even getting this far in a potential employer’s hiring process is a victory. It means your resume has passed muster and yes, they’re interested in learning more about you. But, this […]

How to Write a Standout Resume for Your Next Job

Just how important is your resume? It’s a potential employer’s first impression of you. It marks the difference between getting your foot in the door for an interview and having your chances end right then and there. So, important only begins to describe it. You need a resume that’s compelling, outstanding, flawless and delivers a […]

How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job

Whether you’re a brand new graduate or seeking a career change, having a solid network and fostering professional relationships should be key priorities. Think about networking this way: You can – and should – always be doing it. Every time you make a call or send an email or text message, you’re connecting with someone, […]

Mistakes You Can Make When Job Hunting

Making a mistake is rarely a plus, even as you learn from it. And while nobody’s perfect, there are certain circumstances under which errors can have far-reaching consequences. One of these is your job search. It could take you out of the running – perhaps immediately – for the career opportunity you’ve been waiting for. […]

How to Optimize Your Staffing and Recruiting Process

In the second quarter of 2023, it continues to be a candidate-driven labor market, with employers facing stiff competition when it comes to finding and retaining desired candidates. Perfecting your staffing and recruiting process to meet this demand is critical. Keep your eye on the prize this spring and going forward, so you can continue […]

Why You Should Review Your Social Media Accounts Before Beginning Your Job Search

As part of their hiring process, employers will search candidates’ social media profiles and accounts, so take this into consideration before you even launch your job search. Don’t just clean things up and delete any content that may be questionable or work against you, but take it a step further: Be proactive in making your […]

Am I Dressing for Success at My Interview?

Interviews judge not only your answers to the questions asked, but also your professionalism, organization and poise. This includes creating an overall look that says you’re the right hire. What you wear should accentuate the fact you’re a pro who’s ready to get to work at a new job. Let common sense be your guide. […]

Helpful Summer Job Search Tips

When it comes to your job search, summer doesn’t have to mean “slow.” Your time and effort can reap big rewards – and even land you the job of your dreams by fall. Remember, if you decide to take the summer off, you’ll be competing against candidates who take the same approach come September. Debunk […]

How to Interview Candidates for Soft Skills

The right hire is not based solely on a candidate’s education, experience and technical prowess. Soft skills are equally, if not more important in determining whether a person will be a good fit at your company. Soft skills are those transferable traits beneficial to many different types of jobs. These personal qualities and attributes enable […]