The Importance of Employee Engagement During the Holidays

It can be challenging to stay focused during the holidays. There’s a lot going on: shopping, entertaining or being entertained, cooking, baking, planning, decorating, traveling … in addition to trying to concentrate on work. In the midst of it all, how do you keep your employees engaged and productive as the year winds down? Start […]

Be Sure to Avoid Bias and Discrimination in Hiring with these Tips

As you embrace a truly inclusive culture, you need to take every stop possible to erase bias in hiring and throughout your company. Bias inevitably occurs in virtually every industry – and initiatives must be ongoing to minimize or eliminate it as it can have devastating effects on diversity, recruiting and promotion and retention strategies. […]

What Does “Business Casual” Look Like in 2023?

Business casual attire has a lot of advantages. It’s practical, it’s professional, it’s adaptable to both the office and your after-hours plans, and it can be very affordable. But it’s important to get it right, or you may fail on all these counts. If you really want to get scientific about it, one recent study […]

Tips to Explain Your Career Break with Confidence

Secrets to Finding a Great Job (That are Not Really Secrets) PrideStaff Fresno

If you’ve taken a break from your career to raise a family, care for a loved one, or for any other reason – and you’re now thinking of returning to the workforce – know that you’re not alone. A recent survey shows that 59 percent of all Americans have experienced employment gaps at some point. […]

Set Yourself Up for Success in Your New Role with These Tips

The first few weeks are instrumental in setting yourself up for success in your new job. It’s important to make your presence known in a positive way, demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm, and connect with your team members. Research studies support the importance of first impressions. According to a University of Western Ontario study, even […]

How to Set Up Your Workspace for Success

Numerous factors contribute to stress – or not being stressed – at work, as well as to your overall success in your job. It may not be Number One on that list, but the way you set up your workspace and keep it organized can make a difference in how well each of your workdays […]

Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

Who doesn’t look forward to their lunch break midway through the workday? For starters, if your answer is “What lunch break?” you need to change that up immediately. You’re missing out on an essential time to recharge, revitalize and maintain healthy levels of productivity, focus and overall well-being throughout the day. So, take your lunch […]

Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Recruiters spend mere seconds on their first review of candidates’ resumes – and may not see them at all until after they’ve passed through an applicant tracking system (ATS) – software that handles initial screens as the first part of a company’s recruiting and hiring process. To help ensure you get onto the short list […]

Start Hiring for the Future

Loyal employees are at the heart of successful companies. When people feel fulfilled in their jobs, they go above and beyond to help their organizations – and they tend to stay with them for the long term. How can you find long-serving talent that supports your ongoing mission and vision? The key lies in avoiding […]

Can You Afford to Wait for a Better Candidate?

You have a position to fill. It’s a gaping hole in your overall talent picture. You know the importance of hiring the right candidate. You’ve been interviewing and there’s an individual who seems like a frontrunner. But you haven’t had that “aha!” moment where you know you’ve made the perfect match. Do you settle for […]