How to Build Your Professional Network

Business and careers revolve around people. Even if you’re not in a direct customer-facing role or industry, you still need to connect with others in order to build your brand and achieve your professional goals. Ask any successful person how they got where they are today, and virtually every one will tell you that their […]

The Importance of Employee Engagement During the Holidays

It can be challenging to stay focused during the holidays. There’s a lot going on: shopping, entertaining or being entertained, cooking, baking, planning, decorating, traveling … in addition to trying to concentrate on work. In the midst of it all, how do you keep your employees engaged and productive as the year winds down? Start […]

The Benefits of Working with a Staffing and Recruiting Agency

You may be a master at hiring and scheduling your employees to meet customer demand, but staffing shortages are still bound to occur. And, critical job openings will inevitably happen. In a nutshell, this summarizes why you should consider working with a staffing and recruiting agency if you don’t do so already. It’s a smart […]

Setting Goals for Personal Development

If you play soccer, hockey, lacrosse, handball or polo, you know first-hand the value of scoring a goal. Getting there requires planning, skill, perseverance and practice. And the feeling of reward afterwards is awesome! The same is true in life and in your career. To develop into a superstar, you need to determine what matters […]

Why You Should Review Your Social Media Accounts Before Beginning Your Job Search

As part of their hiring process, employers will search candidates’ social media profiles and accounts, so take this into consideration before you even launch your job search. Don’t just clean things up and delete any content that may be questionable or work against you, but take it a step further: Be proactive in making your […]

What You Can Do to Encourage Employees to Speak Up

As a leader, it’s up to you to foster ongoing two-way communication with your employees and teams. It’s not always easy. Some people are natural talkers and tend to dominate conversations or meetings. But others, whose opinions and concerns matter just as much if not more so, may cringe at the mere thought of speaking […]

Am I Dressing for Success at My Interview?

Interviews judge not only your answers to the questions asked, but also your professionalism, organization and poise. This includes creating an overall look that says you’re the right hire. What you wear should accentuate the fact you’re a pro who’s ready to get to work at a new job. Let common sense be your guide. […]

Helpful Summer Job Search Tips

When it comes to your job search, summer doesn’t have to mean “slow.” Your time and effort can reap big rewards – and even land you the job of your dreams by fall. Remember, if you decide to take the summer off, you’ll be competing against candidates who take the same approach come September. Debunk […]

How to Interview Candidates for Soft Skills

The right hire is not based solely on a candidate’s education, experience and technical prowess. Soft skills are equally, if not more important in determining whether a person will be a good fit at your company. Soft skills are those transferable traits beneficial to many different types of jobs. These personal qualities and attributes enable […]

How to Handle Bickering Employees

It’s unrealistic to think all your employees will get along famously, all the time. But you may be surprised to hear that typical managers spend up to 40 percent of their time on conflict resolution – and 60 to 80 percent of workplace trouble is due to strained employee relationships. How can you avoid having […]