Have You Been Unemployed for Longer Than You Expected?

Being unemployed for an extended period can be frustrating, depressing, and frankly, soul-gutting. It can lead you to doubt your abilities, your strengths, and if it’s too prolonged, your self-worth. Even if you’ve experienced a job loss due to factors outside your control, like the economic cutbacks that have been so prevalent in recent years, […]

How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job

Whether you’re a brand new graduate or seeking a career change, having a solid network and fostering professional relationships should be key priorities. Think about networking this way: You can – and should – always be doing it. Every time you make a call or send an email or text message, you’re connecting with someone, […]

Rebuilding Your Career Confidence After Losing Your Job

Secrets to Finding a Great Job (That are Not Really Secrets) PrideStaff Fresno

There’s an insightful book by Robert K. Johnson and J. Walker Smith entitled Life is Not Work, Work is Not Life. It’s a meaningful title and account, as everyone struggles with work/life balance at some point – but perhaps never do the two feel more intertwined than when, suddenly, you lose your job. No one […]

Tips on Finding Your Dream Job

2022 looks like it will be a good year for job seekers. But, this doesn’t mean that everyone is having an easy time finding the work they want. Even in today’s economy, job opportunities can vary widely depending on your preferred industry, skill level, and competencies. Keep this in mind, as well: The market could […]

Why You Should Consider Taking a Temporary Position in the New Year

Temporary jobs can produce excellent long-term results for your career, your pocketbook and your brand. Since the most recent global recession ended in 2009, temporary positions have accounted for about 19 percent of the American workforce, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Temporary employees are the solution for overflow or seasonal work, and […]