The Importance of Employee Engagement During the Holidays

It can be challenging to stay focused during the holidays. There’s a lot going on: shopping, entertaining or being entertained, cooking, baking, planning, decorating, traveling … in addition to trying to concentrate on work. In the midst of it all, how do you keep your employees engaged and productive as the year winds down? Start […]

Strategies for Creating a Positive Company Culture

Every organization has its own unique culture. And while to some degree, company culture develops naturally, there are also ways you can drive it in a direction that encourages positivity, engagement, loyalty, and a sense of everyone feeling like they belong. What does a positive company culture look like? A positive culture promotes employee success […]

10 Tips to Help You Get Hired ASAP

It can take a while to find a new job. If you’re feeling a sense of urgency to get hired in the right position as soon as possible, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to expedite the process. Here are 10 tips to get you started: Apply only for jobs that […]

How to Avoid the “Deadly Sins” of Hiring

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the cost of a bad hire at 30 percent of an individual’s first-year earnings. So, you do the math. For an employee starting at a salary of $50,000, that’s a $15,000 hit to your bottom-linehealth. It’s beyond sobering to think of the cost when a senior level hire goes […]

Three Ways to Say “I’m Professional”

Portraying yourself as a consummate professional begins at your first point of contact with a prospective employer. It’s so much more than a cliché: first impressions really do count. So be sure you start off on the right foot with the people and organization that may eventually become the source of your livelihood. Calling EmployersCalling […]

Tips on Managing Workplace Conflict

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. In a recent Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) survey, HR managers reported that they spend 24 to 60 percent of their time dealing with employee disputes. The ability to recognize conflict, understand its nature and bring it to swift and just resolution is key to your success as […]

Employees’ Demand for Workplace Flexibility Continues to Grow

Recent research supports a premise that’s long been acknowledged by employees across virtually all industries – probably since the first time a worker kissed his kids goodbye and left the family farm to work outside his home: We need more flexibility and work/life balance. It’s not limited to working parents versus singles or dual-income-with-no children […]

How to Use Social Media Networking to your Advantage

Networking is a polarizing topic. Some professionals swear by it for career advancement and important employment leads. Others only associate it with cold calls and awkward social events. But regardless of which side you’re on, we can all pretty much agree that networking is an important and unavoidable part of a professional life. Particularly in […]