Demonstrating how you stand apart from the competition is key to landing your next job – and it all starts with the right resume. Your resume is the door opener to the next step on your job search: landing an interview and ensuring your spot as a top contender for the position on the table.

In recent years, as the trend has been towards large numbers of individuals vying for a limited number of jobs, employers have been more likely to zero in on candidates’ skill sets – both hard skills, such as technical, financial and analytical abilities, and the soft skills critical to success.

Here’s a sample template of a resume that will highlight your qualifications ad achievements:

Mary Jones
123 Anywhere Lane
Hometown, NY 55555
Email address


Growth-oriented opportunity that utilizes my financial, accounting and strategic business skills to drive organizational growth and profitability.


Research Information and Analyze Data and Options

  • Identified and purchased payroll processing software that resolved ongoing inaccuracies and compensation issues. Decreased payment errors by 25 percent over a two-month time period.
  • One or two more bullets as appropriate

Manage People and Projects

  • Reallocated accounting department staffing resources – with staff input – to enhance work flow. Increased departmental productivity by 30 percent in one quarter.
  • One or two more bullets as appropriate

Apply Subject Matter Expertise to Influence Management Decisions

  • Defined parameters of capital investment needed for new accounts payable hardware system. Investment saved company $50,000 a year in reduced overtime.
  • One or two more bullets as appropriate

Provide Effective Communication at all Organizational Levels

  • Conducted in-service training on new systems for senior management, as well as field service, sales and customer service representatives.
  • One or two more bullets as appropriate


Firm Administrator, 2009 – Present
ABC Accounting, Ltd., Richtown, CA

Field Service Technician, 2005 – 2009
JKL Financial Management, Dollarbill, GA

Payroll Manager, 2000 – 2005
XYZ Company, Credittown, GA


BS Accounting (Concentration in Management), 2000
Best University, Awesomeville, CA

Professional Development

ABC Accounting, Ltd. – Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Closing Thoughts
Remember to tailor your resume to the specific job and organization – and while being honest and forthright, don’t hesitate to boast about your skills. Since hiring managers spend an average of between seven and 20 seconds on the initial review of each candidate’s resume, you want yours to instantly capture – and hold – their attention.

A professional recruiter or career coach can be your most valuable asset as you determine the best resume format and job search approach for you. Contact one of the experts at PrideStaff Fresno to learn more.

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