When it’s hot, it’s hot. And when it’s summer, work may not always be the first thing on your employees’ minds. The kids are out of school, vacations are beckoning, and the pool looks pretty darned good right about now …

As an employer, you can scarcely afford to let productivity or profitability suffer just because the days are longer and the mercury is creeping upward. Use this season as a time to try something new when it comes to team building. Chances are, everyone will appreciate the break from routine and experience renewed energy and a more positive attitude as a result.

Have Some Fun

Capitalize on the power of play during the summertime, as you create powerful teamwork activities and build bonds between coworkers.

  • Take a field trip. What better time than summer to plan a group outing to a ball game, concert or outdoor farmer’s market? Or, offer up an escape to go sailing or paddle boating? Team canoeing or kayaking require each team member to fulfill a unique role and lead everyone to work together. Plus, the group might even get wet and cool off in the process. Oh, shoot!
  • Plan a field day or picnic, complete with food, games and prizes. Get everyone off site and encourage your employees to get to know one another – or get to know one another better. Feelings of camaraderie often are more contagious when people are free from the confines of their office, cubicle or other workspace.

Work Together to Give Back

Remember the recent Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds and awareness for ALS? There’s nothing more powerful than a common cause to build a team

  • Let your employees decide as a group what type of volunteer activity they’d like to support. Take suggestions and have everyone vote. You’ll get a chance to learn about which causes people care about, even before you get started.
  • Facilitate a volunteer outing with a local non-profit organization. It can be a full day, a half day or even a few hours, if it’s something like writing letters or preparing care packages for service members. Provide a break from the typical work routine while at the same time doing something meaningful, as a team, to benefit others.

Plan a Professional Development Activity

Continued learning and growth are primary motivators for employees. This doesn’t have to happen individually. Have your team take part in professional development activities together and use this as a chance to encourage people to learn collaboratively.

  • Facilitate a team compatibility exercise. A few examples are Strength Finder and the Myers-Briggs Personality Index. These tools promote open communication and respect for different work styles and personalities.
  • Find creative ways to share each person’s results. For instance, participants might predict their coworkers’ results ahead of time or suggest a celebrity who they think bet represents them.
  • Other options for professional development events include guest speakers and online seminars.

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