Interviewing in Fresno California

You’ve completed your interview and, hopefully, left your prospective employer with an awesome first impression of you. Solidify and strengthen that opinion with a brief, friendly, thoughtful thank you note, which you should send within the next 24 hours.

If you’re clearly not the best candidate, your thank you note won’t change that perception. If you’re the clear leader, lack of a note probably won’t stop you from being hired. But regardless of where you stand, a well-crafted note establishes you as an individual who truly understands the nature and importance of professional courtesy.

Your thank you note can make you stand out among the other candidates.

Your thank you note is a signal that you pay attention to details and care about presenting yourself (and, if hired, the company) in a positive fashion. It shows that once after having reflected on your interview, you’re still enthusiastic about the position.

A majority of hiring managers say thank you notes have swayed their hiring decisions when they have a close call to make. As noted by Carol Galle, president of Michigan-based Special D Events, “I recently filled an open position for which I had two highly qualified candidates. It was a thank you note that made the difference. One candidate took the time to create a custom two-dimensional card with our company’s logo and a sincere, handwritten message of thanks. I want to hire people who want to work for my company, and it was clear from her effort that was the case.

Build on your conversation from the interview.

After your interview, you may remember something you wish you had said, clarified or elaborated on. Your thank you note is the ideal place to take care of these details.

  • Think of it as not just a thank you note, but also a follow-up note. Talk about specific topics that were covered during your interview, and include details you may not have gotten to.
  • Use your note to strengthen your candidacy. For instance, you might say something like, “I forgot to mention that I will be finishing my MBA this summer. I hope you’ll find that to be an added benefit for the position.”

Cultivate a professional relationship.

Even if you’re not hired as a result of your interview, your thank you note can be a key tool in nurturing your relationship with a hiring manager or recruiter. You also should connect to them via LinkedIn if you have not already done so. Who knows what the future may hold? If this job doesn’t work out, chances are the company will be hiring again soon, or your interviewer may be able to reach out to others on your behalf.

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