Finding the best candidate to fill your open position can pose a major challenge. Your inbox may be crammed with promising resumes, but finding that candidate who is just right may continue to elude you. As you determine whether or not to hold out for a better prospect to come along, look inward: at your current methods. Then you can make improvements that will help ensure you make the right choice, the first time around.

Confront your assumptions.

Past experience does not necessarily indicate future performance. Don’t focus too narrowly on a candidate’s education and experience. Though they may appear to lack your total desired qualifications, they may offer tons of raw talent that just needs to be tapped. They may need extra training, but once they’re up to speed, they will become a rock star.

  • Look past branding and pedigree. It’s natural to be attracted to “branded” candidates; for example, those with Ivy League degrees or who currently work for industry-leading firms. But they may cost more in salary and attention than their “generic” counterparts. Look past the labels, at the substance. A great way to do this is by asking creative interview questions. You may find out that not every candidate turns out as advertised.

Involve team members.

As you head into the hiring process, take a 360-degree approach. Have your candidate meet not only with their potential future boss, but also with those who may become their counterparts, peers and/or direct reports. If more than one team member has concerns when you meet to debrief, you probably need to keep your options open.

  • Create a wish list of the qualities and qualifications you want. Have everyone on the hiring team articulate exactly what would get them excited about the new hire. This creates a sense of accountability. Then, if you find out there’s not enough in common between your dream hire and the candidate being considered, you’ll feel more comfortable holding out for a better fit.

Fit the personality to the job.

Get to know your candidate as a person, not just a skill set. Take a behavioral approach to interviewing, and drill down until you reach that “a-ha” moment where personality, potential and cultural fit all align.

  • Judge soft, as well as hard skills. Listen actively to candidates and get an accurate gauge of their strengths in communications, teamwork and emotional intelligence.
  • Check social media profiles. Go beyond LinkedIn to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. How a person behaves on social media is a good barometer of the type of person they are. Remember, if you hire them, they’ll be representing you as well.

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