There’s a good reason why January is the busiest job search month of the year. Companies tend to be hiring, and for many people, it’s time to take stock in their lives and consider a new direction.

Most people change jobs 10 to 15 times during their working lives. There’s no reason you have to stay on your current career path if it’s not right for you.

Top 10 Ideas for Your Career Resolutions

To ensure your 2018 career resolutions are a success, start with realistic objectives, keeping your end goal in mind.

Here are some considerations to get you started:

  1. Get promoted, or consider moving on. Take yourself through a step-by-step evaluation of your career to date. Then, figure out what you really want your next step to be. Maybe it’s a promotion within your current company or simply some new responsibilities to make your job more vibrant. Or, maybe the next step up the ladder ends in a new place altogether.
  2. Inventory your skills. Chances are there’s at least one new skill you can master in 2018 that will help enhance your career. Pick something that fills a gap on your resume and would make you more marketable.
  3. Become a subject matter expert. Keep a better eye on developments within your current or desired field. You’ll feel better just being more knowledgeable – and make yourself more valuable to employers.
  4. Organize your life. Start by selecting one or two things that you can be more proactive about, and put those in order. For instance, separate your personal and professional social media spheres, or develop a system to keep your inbox clear. Even a few baby steps will help you become more productive year-round.
  5. Network more. This is another area where you can start out walking before you run. Try attending one more event or reaching out to one more contact each month, then build from there. Grow your exposure among key influencers and decision makers.
  6. Get healthier. You probably know what you need to do to make this happen. Whether it’s quitting smoking, exercising more, eating better or sleeping more, it will help you to live longer, have more energy, and be more motivated to reach your other goals.
  7. Learn how to take criticism. Train yourself to take constructive criticism and to be less defensive when told you could do better. This feedback can be a great way to improve. Look at it as free career advice!
  8. Take a calculated risk. If you’re offered an opportunity or a challenge, as long as it makes sense, go for it. Don’t hold back simply because it will take more time, work or energy.
  9. Research new fields. Activate your curiosity about the work lives of people in your network. Brainstorm with them about career options in their sectors. Browse websites and publications. Volunteer in a new area that interests you. For those with genuine appeal, compile a list of questions to dive into more fully as you set your future direction.

Last but not least, consider partnering with an experienced career coach who can help you decide on your future goals and how to navigate through the steps to reach them. Start by reading our related posts or contacting the PrideStaff Fresno team today. Let’s make 2018 your year for career growth and satisfaction.

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