Tips For Uncovering Your True Hiring Needs

The best hiring strategy comes down to two key factors: knowing exactly what you need in a new employee – and knowing where to find it. If you effectively address these two areas, then you can stay on track for talent acquisition success.

Follow This Checklist

To be sure you clearly understand your hiring needs, start with these tips:

  • Define your deal breakers. These are the “must-have” requirements for a job. To stay competitive in your industry, know which competencies are critical. Prioritize job requirements in terms of necessary and essential skills.
  • Have a detailed, accurate job description. Every job changes over time. You need to keep up with each job’s description of responsibilities, parameters and salary needs. Keep your JDs current by working with front-line managers and by periodically observing employees on the job. This will help you stay focused on high-priority business needs.
  • Determine whether the role is temporary or permanent. Assess the role to learn whether hiring a temporary workers or an intern may be a viable, cost-effective solution. Is it a new opportunity or an urgent replacement for an individual who has left your organization? It’s useful to know the long-term viability of a role up front, as you set your hiring direction.
  • Decide whether you need to hire or promote. You may already have a high-performing employee who you are ready to advance within your organization. Give them a promotion; then focus your hiring resources on lower or entry-level roles.
  • Consider your training plan. Effective hiring and successful training go hand in hand. If you bring an outside hire on board, do you have the resources and plan to train them? Or, do you need an individual who can acclimate quickly and hit the ground running?
  • Network to build your talent pool. Start with the internet and LinkedIn, but then cast a wider net. Turn to your current workforce, customers, vendors, area educational institutions and professional associations. Be strategic, and leave no stone unturned if it may uncover the talent you’re looking for.

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