Your job search is over – and it ended well. You’ve landed the job. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to live up to expectations and hit the ground running.


It’s normal to have some anxiety as you anticipate Day One in your new role. But you can keep it at a healthy level and make your first day truly successful, with just a little planning. These five tips will help:


1.     Show your commitment.


First and foremost, be sure you’re accessible to your new boss on Day One. This may sound obvious, but it can be easy to be pulled in what feels like a million different directions as you try to acclimate. Take time to check in with your manager throughout the day.


·        Express your gratitude. Thank your manager again for the opportunity to join their team – and thank others you meet, as well. Don’t get carried away, but demonstrate your commitment to contribute, add value, and be a team player.


2.     Get to know people and help them get to know you.


Be prepared with a 30-second explanation of who you are and where you were before – aka your “elevator speech” – as your new colleagues will likely ask. Also be ready to describe what you’ll be doing in your new job; there may be people who don’t have a full understanding or simply want to strike up a conversation.


·        Don’t turn down an offer to go to lunch. Show that you’re ready to mingle with your new team. Save the packed lunch for another day.


3.     Ask questions.


Jot down both practical and general questions about how you can be most successful in your new role. By now, you should have enough background to go into a little more depth on the company and your specific responsibilities.


·        Again, keep things in moderation. Don’t hammer people with too many questions. But asking people is a great way to not only learn, but also to demonstrate your curiosity and initiative.


4.     Listen and observe.


The best thing you can do on Day One in a new job is to listen. Then, listen some more. It’s not the time to express any strong opinions. Be friendly and cooperative, meet people, and listen.


·        This is a prime opportunity to hear about the goals your boss and others have, as well as familiarize yourself with your new team and top projects. It’s your chance to understand the big picture and recognize priorities. Take lots of notes


5.     Be yourself.


Make sure you’re well-rested, prepared and on time. Think of ways to be relaxed as you project yourself as who you are.


·        Don’t try too hard. The urge to impress can take you off track. Remember, you’re already hired, so you don’t have to wow people every moment. By relaxing and being yourself, you’ll impress naturally. So, smile and go for it!


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