Even as businesses worldwide recover from Covid-19, top talent is in high demand. So how do you convince the best candidates on the market to pick you and your company over your competitors? After all, everyone is pretty much in the same boat: trying to rebound from the past year, whatever the new normal looks like for your particular industry.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Learn what your ideal employee looks like.

Define what a top performer at your company looks like. If you have trouble getting started, begin with your current team members. Who are your superstars today – and wouldn’t you like to replicate them tomorrow? What you’re seeking is a balance between high productivity and a solid cultural fit: someone who:

  • Gets your organization and your industry and is open to new challenges to make them better.
  • Is a team player and has the potential to be the “go to person” for their peers.
  • Is intuitive, accountable, transparent and a strong communicator.
  • Is proactive and not hesitant to take calculated risks.
  • It sounds like a tall order, but they are out there with the right planning and strategy.

    Look for candidates who are on the growth track.

    Single out candidates who demonstrate a growth mindset and are always looking to learn new skills and embrace new ideas. This combination of professional traits means they naturally embrace new concepts and sharpen existing ones. They also tend to be strong problem solvers who are adaptable and self-driven.

    Sell the job and your organization.

    Salary isn’t always the number-one driver when it comes to deciding which company to work for. It has become less and less important as millennials and members of Generations Y and Z come to age in the global workforce.

  • Connect with your desired candidates during the hiring process to pinpoint which perks, benefits, and aspects of company culture pique their passion. Look for an alignment of their values, vision, and mission with yours.
  • Consider an employee referral program.

    Tap into the networks of your current superstars. Approach employees who are already happy and productive in their roles. If you don’t already know, learn what motivates them. Then, use this information to ask behavioral questions and look for responses that align as you interview prospective talent.

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