Two little words.

Thank. You.

But they carry a lot of weight, especially when you want to acknowledge others for something they’ve done to help you or your team. You really want to show your coworkers that you appreciate them and the value they add, and thank them for their time, assistance and support.

But how?

Here are 10 tips to think about:

  1. Spoken Words

You don’t have to overthink it: Just say the words. Thank your coworkers anytime and for any valid reason. It only takes a moment to single someone out and acknowledge their contribution.

  1. Written Words

Take it a step further by putting your thanks in writing. For instance, you can use a handwritten note or card, recognition in a company newsletter or on a bulletin board. It’s a great way to show you’ve gone out of your way to show someone your gratitude.

  1. Treats

Find out what a person’s favorite treats are and bring them into work or send them to their home. Maybe it’s pizza or other takeout, flowers, a yummy dessert, or renting a popcorn machine for their work area. Just let them know that it’s heartfelt and that it’s from you.

  1. Gifts

Acknowledge both your colleague and your company with a logo-embossed coffee mug, tee shirt, water bottle or other swag. Even better, make it a …

  1. Personalized Acknowledgement

If you don’t already know, find out what a person’s specific interests are, and tailor your gift accordingly. A gift card to the local burger joint may not work for a vegan – but if you find out they love energy drinks, give those instead. For that golfer on your team? How about a pass to the local driving range? You get the idea.

  1. Listening

This one doesn’t cost a dime, yet it may be the most meaningful way of all to acknowledge and recognize someone. Simply put down your phone, shut out any other distractions, and genuinely listen when a coworker needs a sounding board or wants to share their ideas.

  1. Knowing Your Coworkers’ Interests

Active listening comes into play here, too. When talking with your colleague, ask about their family, their weekend, their hobbies and interests. Your genuine interest will go a long way in making people feel valued.

  1. Checking In

Interacting with others can’t be a one and done kind of thing. To show that you genuinely care, check in often, without making it seem forced or artificial. Ask coworkers how they’re doing, what they’re working on, and how you can help if things are getting intense.

  1. Being Specific About What You Value in Others

If you’re specific and remember details when expressing gratitude, it goes a long way toward building lasting relationships, as well as the overall culture of your team.

  1. Celebrations

Celebrate team members’ birthdays, work anniversaries and other special days. Did they just finish another semester at school or reach another personal milestone? Take the lead in organizing a celebration, even if it’s as simple as cake and coffee in the break area.


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