With the holiday season approaching, you may be contemplating a temporary job. Or, maybe it has nothing to do with the time of year. You might want to gain additional experience in a particular field or industry, or prefer the smaller time commitment associated with a temporary position. Or, it may be a stepping stone while you look for something permanent.

There are numerous reasons to make temporary work part of your career and lifestyle strategy. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits:

Skills Development

The right temporary role can help you keep your current skills sharp, as well as develop new ones. Even if you’re not totally sure about your career goals or interests, added skills can be a great boost for your resume – and your confidence.


Because varying job assignments don’t lock you into a specific role, working a temporary job gives you the opportunity to try new things and have more diversity in your career. You can sample different industries, or test the waters at a specific company where you may have considered working. If it’s not what you expected, you haven’t made a permanent commitment and it’s easy to move on to something else.

Growing Your Network

The contacts you make while working temporary jobs can be helpful in finding out about additional career opportunities. You may also pick up some strong references for future applications.

A Psychological Boost

If you’ve been out of work or unhappy in your current job for some time, a temporary position can provide the boost you need to know you’re capable of landing the right role. At the same time, it can give your life more structure and meaning.

Filling Resume Gaps

Even if a position isn’t directly related to your chosen career field, it can help fill chronological gaps on your resume and show potential employers that you’re motivated, a self-starter, and willing to work hard.

Financial Comfort

Earning a salary – even if it’s only for a few months – is generally preferable to filing for unemployment. And in many cases, you can earn significantly more that  what your payments would be.

A Foot in the Door

As a temporary employee, you can build the needed leverage to be considered for permanent positions at a company. You get to know the people and the environment and, if it’s a good fit, you will make the right impression on hiring decision makers. This gives you a solid advantage over other candidates when a permanent position opens up.

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