If you’re preparing to graduate from college, don’t eliminate a post-graduate internship from your options or fall to the myth that internships are for current students only. Companies all over the world are seeking recent Fresno Staffing Agency | PrideStaff Fresnograds to add to their teams. Internships offer not only experience, but in many cases, pay and benefits, networking opportunities, and a foot in the door for a possible permanent position.

Start Repaying Those Loans
Glassdoor recently listed 25 companies whose interns earn more each year than the median household income in the U.S. This translates to annualized salaries averaging about $53,000. The list is tech heavy. It also has a bend toward oil and energy companies. Here are some examples of intern salaries per month:

  • Palantir (#1):  $7,012
  • V.M. Ware (#2):  $6,966
  • Twitter (#3):  $6,791
  • LinkedIn (#4):  $6,230
  • Facebook (#5):  $6,213
  • Microsoft (#6):  $6,138
  • ExxonMobil (#8):  $5,972
  • Chevron (#13):  $5,424
  • ConocoPhillips (#15):  $5,357
  • Schlumberger (#25):  $4,634

Not surprisingly, there were a number of overlaps between Glassdoor’s list of companies with top intern earnings and the list of best companies to intern with. (Yes, kids, it really is about more than money.) Common denominator employer included Facebook, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Schlumberger and more.

Disney and the NCAA are two more top options for paid internships following your college graduation.

  • Disney and its affiliates, including Marvel and ESPN, offer internship opportunities in areas ranging from biotechnology to communications. Perks include company-sponsored housing and – wait for it – complimentary theme park tickets!
  • The NCAA Post Graduate Internship program provides invaluable experience for those interested in careers in intercollegiate athletics. Benefits include 10 days’ annual leave and health and dental insurance.

Additional Benefits
If you’re not already convinced, consider these benefits to a post-graduate internship:

  • It’s a great experience and resume builder. The earlier in your career that you add solid, relevant work experience to your resume, the more attractive you are to potential employers.
  • You begin or grow your professional network. Even if the company doesn’t hire you at the end of your internship, chances are you’ll emerge with a more robust list of people within your profession who can help you succeed. Internships are a great opportunity to start making a name for yourself within a particular industry or company.
  • You may find a mentor. Professional mentors are a great asset to your future. Often, interns develop relationships with senior, more connected individuals who offer priceless advice and guidance in the years to come.
  • You can make a better career choice. An internship is a chance to try out a job, company or industry in a real-world setting. This can be invaluable in deciding if you’re on the right track in pursuing this line of employment. If so, great. And if not, no harm done.

When all is said and done, between the additional experience you gain and the networking opportunities you glean, an internship could be the best way to land your dream job and launch your successful career.

A professional career coach can partner with you as you develop your post-graduation career strategy. To learn more, read our related posts or contact the expert recruiting team at PrideStaff Fresno today.

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