You choose your work based on a number of factors – not just the size of your paycheck. Or at least you should. Whether you are just launching your career or looking to make a change, don’t let money be the sole driver of your decision. If you do, you’ll most likely wind up regretting it.

What You Really Need

Sure, you have to pay your bills, save for the future, and minimize your debt. But before you decide to accept a new job, consider whether or not it meets the following criteria:

  • You enjoy your coworkers. You will spend one-third of your time with them, five days a week on average. So, be sure you will enjoy the people you’ll be working with every day. You need to feel as though they will support you and that you can work together cohesively as a team. Look for a company that employs people you respect and who likewise respect you. It should be a place where coming to work every day is something to look forward to, because you have friends there.
  • You feel appreciated and valued. Find a company that puts its people – not its bottom line – first. Appreciation can be communicated through recognition, respect and gratitude. Seek out an organization that truly cares about its’ employees and their well-being.
  • It provides work life-balance. At the end of the day, family and friends come first. Make sure your employer respects your work-life balance.
  • You are challenged to grow. Find a job that will make you better – whether it’s through challenging assignments, educational opportunities or mentorship relationships. Your new company should be one that invests in the growth of its people and gives them the skills to advance into new roles.
  • You’re excited about the work. Choose a place where you’ll be stimulated and challenged – not hand held – and where you’ll be encouraged to drive your own ideas.
  • The company’s values align with yours. The real bottom line is your integrity. You should never, ever be in a position that compromises your personal vision, beliefs or convictions.

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