It’s a candidate’s market. Demand for top-performing talent has never been higher. When hiring for long-term loyalty and success, cultural fit is equally, if not more, important than technical skills. This is especially true among millennial employees, who tend to prioritize meaningful work over pay and won’t hesitate to leave if their employer’s values clash with their own.

Define Your Culture

Companies that are the most successful at talent management have a clearly identified employment brand. You cannot recruit for cultural fit unless you know what your culture is.

  • Defining elements of culture include your core values, work environment, and the principles that drive company decision-making. Also in the mix are the attitudes and mindsets that create a sense of belonging for all team members.
  • When you hire a person, you don’t just acquire skills. You welcome a new belief system and way of doing things. To be sure the candidate’s way is your way, it’s critical to clearly define every desirable attribute and what they mean to your organization.
  • Companies that effectively manage their culture attract people who fit better. This shortens the new hire learning curve and enhances staying power.

Make Your Culture Employee Friendly

When you cultivate a worker-friendly culture, you will notice a near immediate difference in employees’ attitudes and behavior, as they feel more appreciated and better equipped to focus on performance and productivity.

  • Foster work/life balance. Flexibility is vitally important as employees balance their professional and personal commitments and interests. Whether this means job sharing, telecommuting, or flex time, it can mean the difference between a loyal, committed team member and a flight risk.
  • Support breaks. Encourage employees to take breaks when needed – within reason, of course. Set up dedicated break rooms. Furnish them comfortably, keep them clean and well maintained, and stock them with snacks and beverages.
  • Celebrate success. A little goes a long way when it comes to employee recognition and reward. Acknowledge achievements realized and goals met, both individually and by teams. Provide both private and public recognition. Thank and congratulate people one on one, and then recognize them in staff or town meetings and through company media.
  • Use social media to foster your culture. Utilize social media, not only to boost your business, but also to build your winning culture. Engage employees, customers and other stakeholders. Keep conversations alive, with topics that are both business related and fun. Encourage team members to use their own accounts to promote company products, services and job openings.
  • Encourage socialization. Off-site socialization is a great way to boost coworker relations. Treat your team to lunch or host an evening barbecue. Not everyone has to be best friends, but getting away from the office or plant and seeing each other more personally helps people to work better together and have a better time in the process. Consider establishing an employee committee to collect ideas and organize events.

Do you need additional insight on building your company culture and developing team buy-in to your goals? For assistance with this and other hiring and talent management priorities, contact the PrideStaff Fresno team today. We’ll help position you for immediate and ongoing success.

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