Any employee – in any department and at any level of an organization – can be indispensable. It’s not about power, title or position. It’s about being essential to the overall success of your team and your company.

Being indispensable means your supervisor and co-workers count on you so much that, without you, productivity would suffer greatly or even come to a halt. Their feeling is that you are absolutely necessary and valued. You may have knowledge, a skill, or a position within the organization that is unique to you.

The Benefits of Being Indispensable

There’s a great feeling of satisfaction in knowing you’re doing a good job and making a significant positive impact. In addition, being indispensable boosts your morale because you enjoy your job more, knowing how valuable you are to your company. Plus, you have greater job security, and are more likely to get a raise or promotion or be sought out for special projects, opinions and direction.

How to Get There

If you want to become indispensable, remember that actions speak louder than words. People who go around saying they’re indispensable never really are. Make a great name for yourself by:

  • Helping others, without asking for anything in return. Learn to find satisfaction in watching others succeed.
  • Committing to high standards. Consistently bring your best to everything you do and constantly raise the bar for yourself.
  • Keeping your promises. Never make commitments you can’t keep.
  • Adding value to every interaction. Become the one people reach out to and from whom they seek advice, guidance and mentorship.
  • Embracing change. Be open and adaptable. Never get stuck in the silo of taking an action because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”
  • Taking ownership and being honest. If you make a mistake or miss a deadline, communicate openly about it and work doubly hard to find a solution. Never engage in blame placing.
  • Going the extra mile. Do work that matters, not just work that’s easy. Go beyond the scope of your job description as needed to focus on whatever matters most to your company and its success.
  • Being a team player. Focus on inclusion and collaboration. To be indispensable, you need to prove yourself not only to your boss, but also to your co-workers. If they regularly look to you to lead them and be the point person on projects, this speaks volumes about you. Offer to help others, and recognize and appreciate them for what they do.
  • Maintain a positive attitude. Everyone prefers working with people who seem like they’re enjoying the journey, not just focusing on a project finish line. If the choice to eliminate an employee comes down to two people who are equally good at their jobs, a manager is more likely to hold onto the more positive one.

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