Are you going to a job fair? Not sure what to ask? You’ll have only a brief window of time with each recruiter – and your goal is to get the information you need to decide if a company or job is right for you and at the same time, make a good impression. How can you best use that time to ensure that you stand out from the competition in a positive way?

Here are five questions to consider:

  1. “What does a typical day in this job involve?”

Spend some time ahead of the job fair looking through the list of companies attending. Zero in on the ones that most interest you, learn as much as you can about them, identify any jobs that seem like a good fit, and, if possible, submit your application. Then, you can use your one-on-one time with recruiters to delve deeper into whatever you need to know about a particular role.

  1. “What does your hiring process for this job look like?”

Waiting is part of the job search process, but recruiters can give you estimates to remove some of the uncertainty. And it’s easier to be patient when you know what’s going on and have realistic expectations about a company’s hiring process.

  1. “What career paths are available in your organization?”

Asking about growth and development opportunities at an organization will tell you how you can learn and do more down the line. It also lets the recruiter know you’re thinking about your future with the company and invested in what it may hold. Some companies have well-defined career paths, while others are more flexible. For instance, if you know you want to go into management or gain a professional qualification, this is how you can find out how well your goals fit what the company offers.

  1. “What kind of person is most successful at your company?”

This question is about company culture. For example, you may be looking for a highly collaborative environment, or by contrast, you may prefer to work independently most of the time. If you’re new to the working world, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for, and that’s okay too. But use this question to feel out whether a company sounds like a place you could see yourself spending most of your waking hours.

  1. “What’s the best way to stay in touch with you?”

Make sure you get the recruiter’s name and business card or ask how you can keep in touch with them and the company. Then, you’ll have a contact to reach out to if you don’t hear back about the status of your application. Plus, you can begin to develop a long-term relationship. Even if this particular role doesn’t work out for you, something else may open up in the future.

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