How to Navigate Your Job Search During COVID-19

Had you already started a job hunt when the global lockdown due to Covid-19 hit this spring? Or, had you simply been considering a career change and are now feeling daunted by the current economic uncertainty? Either way, here are some tips for your search strategy, circa the second half of 2020, and today’s “new reality.”

Plans Stifled by the Pandemic?

Maybe the pandemic left you in limbo: you had begun pursuing a strong lead or even had a first-round interview before everything came to a halt. If so, stay in touch with your potential employer.

  • Let them know you understand their current challenges. If possible, offer to help. For instance, send an email saying something like, “I hope things are going well as you reopen this summer. I’ve had some experience leading virtual teams, so I may be able to assist as you transition your workforce into this scenario.”

Jumping in Despite the Challenges?

There’s no reason you can’t start a brand new search or be ready to hit the ground running when things stabilize.

  • Polish up your resume and LinkedIn profile. Focus on developing your personal brand to give employers a sense of the unique contributions you would make if hired. Read job descriptions carefully and tailor your resume to the specific skills listed.
  • Identify and apply to growth industries. Yes, there are some – at companies that have flourished during the pandemic. Think healthcare, manufacturing, home delivery, and other areas where the demand for products and services continues to grow.

Tips to Remember Regardless of Your Situation

Start by setting a timeline for when you would like to land a new job and plan to get there. Of course, if you’re unemployed due to the pandemic or otherwise, there will be a greater sense of urgency. Either way, don’t just blindly apply. Give careful thought to what you want to do. Then build your strategy to leverage your network and track your progress.

  • Network online. Seek out like-minded professionals, including friends, mentors, and current and former colleagues. Join groups and participate in discussions. Contribute relevant content to demonstrate your subject matter expertise. Take opportunities to make new connections and revive old ones.
  • Bolster your qualifications. In addition to networking, this is a good time to expand your professional toolkit by taking courses online. Given the current economic climate, a number of companies are sharing courses and training at no cost.
  • Prepare to interview virtually. While social distancing, chances are interviews will be done online for the foreseeable future. Dress appropriately, and control your environment by ensuring that it’s quiet, well-lit, and free of clutter or distractions. Download and familiarize yourself with using video platforms like Zoom to help ensure that your interview goes smoothly.

For additional assistance in your job search, turn to the experienced career counselors at PrideStaff Fresno. We’ll keep you moving forward, whether your current goal is a full-time, temporary, or temp-to-hire role. Send us your current resume or contact us today to learn more.