Before a job interview, nervousness is normal, expected, and even beneficial – as long as it doesn’t spiral out of control. It’s your body’s way of preparing you to win. As noted by Dr. Sherry Benton, founder and chief science officer of the online behavioral health platform Tao Connect, when you experience anxiety, “the brain’s limbic system fires and makes (you) ready for whatever you need to do, whether it’s fight or flight.”

All you need to do is moderate those nerves to keep them at a healthy level. Dr. Benton goes on to say that “you want some performance anxiety, but not too much. You want your nerves to show you’re interested and excited. But if you’re overstressed, you won’t do well … so strive for the middle zone.”

Here are some tips for balancing those pre-interview jitters:

Take a pause and breathe.

Even a simple deep breath can help you calm your nerves. Or, you may want to try the STOP method, which helps you slow down and be deliberate, not only in your actions but also in the feelings you may let take over.

Practice makes perfect.

Rehearse your interview ahead of time with a trusted friend or coach. Record it and watch it afterward. Rinse and repeat until you’ve worked out all the bumps.

Be physically prepared.

Get a good night’s rest before your interview. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack before you go in.

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