To stay happy, productive, and anxiety-free, don’t let bad work habits bring you down. They don’t make you a terrible person; usually, they’re just small behaviors you fall into due to lapses in self-awareness. Or, they may be the result of pent-up stress or job dissatisfaction. Whatever the root cause, you can take steps to eliminate habits such as:

The Sunday Blues

As the name implies, the Sunday blues start the day before you return to work for the week. If you’ve ever had them, you know them all too well: that growing seed of dread that begins midway through the day and grows as Monday looms nearer.

The Glass-Half-Empty Attitude

No one enjoys being around people who give off negative energy. Try to keep negativity and frustration out of the workplace – especially if your attitude stems from something that isn’t even job-related, such as that annoying neighbor or the argument you had with your spouse.

The Amateur

There’s nothing wrong with being an amateur golfer or art aficionado. But at work? Nothing less than a consummate pro will do. Sure, you can let your guard down occasionally and have some fun. But otherwise, stay on your pro game as long as you’re on the clock.

The Procrastinator

Most people today have multiple tasks, but be sure to prioritize your work. Complete the most critical tasks first and avoid missing deadlines.

Whether it means improving your current role or your reality check tells you it’s time for a job change, contact PrideStaff Fresno today. Our career coaches can help, and our job network is always in motion. We’ll help you find what it takes to make a positive, lasting impression at work and wake up looking forward to each new day.

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