The benefits of a diverse workplace have been well documented. They include higher creativity and productivity, a more positive employer brand, and enhanced marketing and talent acquisition opportunities. And like everything else good about your business, building and
celebrating diversity starts at the top.

In fact, it all comes back to you. Your own identity as a business leader plays a significant role in how well you run your company, and acknowledging your personal cultural background shapes your work style just as it does your lifestyle.

You are unique – and so is each and every member of your team.

It’s critical to look for opportunities to leverage your unique identity in whatever you do for your
company. Start with self-reflection.

Through this process, you gain amazing insight into yourself.

Your cultural background is an integral part of who you are. Self-reflection helps you to better understand and embrace your own uniqueness – and from there, recognize and celebrate it in others.

Use your cultural identity to further business goals.

It can start with something as simple as tapping into your personal and professional networks to source candidates or clients.
Incorporating your background seamlessly into your MO produces better outcomes, delivers desired results and makes for a happier, more engaged, and loyal workforce.

Embrace your cultural background.

This means letting people know who you are, and also finding out who they are. From here, the way people collaborate, innovate, and succeed will naturally emerge.

Don’t hide your true self.

Share your personal story and invite others to do the same. This becomes a powerful ongoing dialogue and creates and fosters positive work relationships. As you manage by walking around, strike up conversations with individual team members – and it shouldn’t be only about work. Ask about their families, their weekend, their hobbies, and interests. And when you do, listen actively – which of course,
also goes for what they have to say about their jobs and your business.

Leadership today is – and should be – a multicultural challenge as you align people of various backgrounds to work together toward common goals. But as challenging as it is, the benefits make it more than worth your time and effort. And if you keep working at it regularly, it will become second nature and ingrained into your company and its culture. Yes, it starts with you. And you can find tremendous satisfaction and take boundless pride in achieving it on a daily basis.


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