In the second quarter of 2023, it continues to be a candidate-driven labor market, with employers facing stiff competition when it comes to finding and retaining desired candidates. Perfecting your staffing and recruiting process to meet this demand is critical. Keep your eye on the prize this spring and going forward, so you can continue to win the ongoing war for top talent.

Invest in your employer brand.

Building a strong employer brand not only reduces turnover, but also attracts both active and passive candidates to your open jobs. It starts with your careers page and carries though to all your communications with both current and potential employees.

Deepen your talent pool.

Always be building your talent database – with applicants to your open jobs, as well as those you garner via networking opportunities. Consider adding a signup box toy our careers page and encourage potential applicants to join. This way, they will be among the first to know about new openings at your company.

Improve candidate communication.

Be proactive and consistent as you keep every candidate in the loop, throughout your hiring process. Automated tools can be very helpful, but a word of caution: Don’t lose sight of the human element. This includes staying in touch with the candidates you don’t hire – at least not right now. Because that may change at some point, so continue to nurture these relationships.

Move as quickly as possible.

The best candidates are often off the job market in 10 business days or less. So, expedite your hiring process as much as possible, without cutting any corners. It can be a tough – but critical – balance to strike.

Embrace social media.

Love it or hate it: social media must be part of your talent management strategy. It’s critical in helping you reach the right candidates in the right places and attracting desired talent to your brand and culture. In addition to your company platforms, turn to your current employees. Utilize their personal and professional social connections. Their credibility among potential hires is immensely powerful.

Be sure your process is mobile friendly.

Today’s job seekers aren’t tied to a desk; rather, they use their mobile devices for virtually every purpose, including looking for new career opportunities. Be sure your staffing and recruiting process is mobile friendly  – allowing candidates to complete as many steps as possible on their preferred device. These might include holding live interviews, completing referral tasks, accepting offers, and more.

Offer attractive benefits and perks.

Attractive means competitive – both with other companies and in terms of what matters most to each individual applicant. Get to know desired talent as the individuals they are, and find out what they want and need from your career opportunity. Tailor your benefit offerings accordingly.

Perfecting your hiring process can be overwhelming. The recruitment experts at PrideStaff Fresno have your back and can help you develop and implement a winning talent acquisition process for your growing company. Contact us today to learn more.

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