The Benefits of Working with a Staffing and Recruiting Agency

You may be a master at hiring and scheduling your employees to meet customer demand, but staffing shortages are still bound to occur. And, critical job openings will inevitably happen.

In a nutshell, this summarizes why you should consider working with a staffing and recruiting agency if you don’t do so already. It’s a smart decision – one that allows you to concentrate on growing your company while a trusted business partner takes on the planning, execution and legwork involved in your talent acquisition and management needs.

Here’s a closer look at some of these benefits of such a partnership:

You reduce your overhead costs.

Working with a staffing agency, you can employ temporary or temp-to-hire personnel for whom you don’t have to pay benefits, overtime, employment-related taxes or related costs – not to mention the administrative headaches associated with them. Simply pay an agency fee and you can take those responsibilities off your desk and to-do list.

You may need short-term staff.

Hiring through an agency gives you the flexibility to bring employees on board for limited periods of time – whether you need to cover for permanent employees who are sick, on maternity leave, or taking a leave of absence. You benefit from the expertise and reliability of good workers to fill these gaps.

  • As an added benefit: When you realize that these temporary employees are awesome, you can add them to your talent pipeline and bring them on board as full-timers at the appropriate time. You get to “try before you buy.”

You save on training and reduce hiring risks.

When you contract with an agency, you benefit from employees who are ready to hit the ground running, starting on their first day at your company. You don’t have to make the costly investment of time and dollars spent on training to ensure they succeed – this is your partnering agency’s responsibility.

You’ll have access to wider talent networks.

The best agencies have vast networks of highly qualified talent, from which they can quickly draw to fill openings at your company. This enables quick, effective and successful hiring, even if a business-critical employee quits on little to no notice. Chances are you can have a replacement in place in short order, often as soon as one or two business days,.

You will benefit from industry knowledge and market intel.

When you partner with an agency that specializes in your industry, you gain access to insider knowledge of both your field and skilled available candidates to fill your open roles. This includes both active and passive job seekers in various salary ranges, from entry level through C-suite positions.

If you think a partnership with a recruiting agency may benefit your company, contact PrideStaff Fresno today. We’ll help you look at all the options available and make the most informed decision for your business and its ongoing staffing needs.