These Interview Questions Reveal All You Need to Know About a Potential Candidate

While there has been some shift in negotiating power in recent months from job seekers to employers, you still need to stay ahead of the curve when hiring new talent. So as you prepare to interview your short list of candidates, be sure you use that time wisely and ask the questions that will be most effective as you make your final hiring decision.

Start with some basic inquiries to get to know each candidate and start a comfortable flow of conversation. From there, dig deeper by moving on to more behavioral and role-specific questions.

Basic Questions

More than just basic ice breakers, questions like these will help you gauge whether a candidate’s vision aligns with yours:

  • Tell us about yourself. This question allows a candidate to give a short pitch on who they are, as well as their relevant experience, skills and overall job fit. In addition to these important details, pay attention to their level of confidence.
  • Why do you want this job? The response to this question will indicate how much research a candidate has done into your company and the role. An individual with specific response points demonstrates they’re serious and aware what your business done and what the position offers.

Behavioral Questions

Behavioral questions help you get a read on a person’s ability to think on their feet, problem solve, collaborate, and fulfil other soft skill needs.

  • Tell us about a project you led from start to finish. This is an excellent question for evaluating project management strength and leadership potential. It also speaks to a person’s ability to effectively organize tasks, delegate, and communicate.
  • Tell us about a time when you had to collaborate with a difficult coworker. It’s important to know how well a potential hire works with others. Listen for signs of conflict resolution skills and the ability to remain professional even when the going gets tough.

Role-Specific Questions

Last but not least, zero in on aa candidate’s understanding of a position and all it entails, as well as their overall interest level.

  • What qualities do you think are important for someone to succeed in this role? This question will help you determine a candidate’s knowledge of the job and what they believe it takes to succeed in the position.
  • What led you to pursue this career path? This question allows a candidate to explain their reasons for choosing their profession and also gives you a clearer picture of their level of interest in your open position, as well as their field. You don’t want to hire someone who’s willing to settle for any job that comes their way.

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