Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

The value of communication within a workplace cannot be underestimated. Your verbal and written interactions with employees, managers, and coworkers help encourage everyone to contribute successfully to projects and assignments and bolster ongoing relationships between team members.

Effective communication not only fosters team building but also:

  • Boosts the growth of people’s careers – and your business.
  • Enhances innovation, creativity, efficiency, loyalty, and productivity.
  • Resolves problems and avoids conflict.
  • Builds trust.

How to Build a Culture of Communication

For some people, communication comes naturally. For others, it’s more difficult to articulate words, ideas, thoughts and feelings. The good news is that communication skills and tools can be learned and kept sharp through ongoing use and practice.

Communication may be verbal, nonverbal, visual, or written. The best choice of which type to use depends on the situation and, equally if not more importantly, your audience. Here are some tips for building a culture of communication at your organization:

  • Maintain an open environment. Think honesty, openness, and transparency. Managers should leave their doors open whenever feasible as a visible sign of their accessibility. Leaders should share as much information as possible about business developments and expectations.
  • It’s a two-way street. As you communicate with others, encourage and empower them to do the same. Practice active listening. Seek and act upon input and suggestions. As you do so, identify areas where you might improve your communication skills and style.
  • Clarify everyone’s roles and responsibilities. It’s easier for team members to succeed and perform well when they clearly understand their role and how it fits into the larger business success picture.
  • Learn the value of nonverbal communication. This includes appropriate body language and tone of voice. Make sure they match your message. How you present yourself and deliver your message can significantly impact team support and buy-in.
  • Use the right media. It may be an open meeting, a one-on-one dialogue, an individual or group email, or a simple conversation during a workday. Each has its place, as well as its pros and cons. A town hall-style meeting, for instance, allows everyone to share their ideas and express their thoughts. However, more introverted individuals may hold back in such a setting. Get to know people’s preferred communication MO and respect them all.


If you feel communication training or related workforce development expertise would benefit your growing company, reach out today to the PrideStaff Fresno team. As we provide customized talent acquisition and management solutions, our mission is to deliver the value that matters most to you and meets your unique needs. We look forward to helping you take your business to the next level in 2022 and beyond.