As you launch your job search, your first thought may be that summer isn’t the best time for it.

Well, think again. 

Although it’s true that many people, including hiring managers, take vacations at this time of year, employers’ goals to hire top talent never take a break. In fact, even if you have to wait a few weeks until a decision maker returns to their office, summer may even be a more opportune time to get started. If it’s a slower time for a company, more attention can be devoted to finding and interviewing candidates. And if it’s a busy time, well, it goes without saying that employees to fill business-critical roles are needed ASAP. Regardless of the season, there are a number of key resources you can – and should – utilize in your job search.

They include:

Social Media

Optimize your own social presence, and connect with companies that interest you, as well as people who are or have been associated with them. Use the many helpful features provided by LinkedIn, but also maintain an active, professional presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.  

Careers Pages

On company websites, go to their careers section to find job openings and more information about working there. Even if there are no current positions available, you may be able to tap into their ongoing talent network. This puts you in front of recruiters and keeps you in the loop about any upcoming opportunities or networking events.

Professional Organizations and Networking

Speaking of networking, don’t let summer slow you down in that regard, either. There may not be as many formal events, but be creative and take advantage of people you may meet at fairs, festivals, or through your church, athletic teams, or even at the farmers market on Saturday morning.

The Right Staffing Firm

Staffing firms work with both companies and candidates to find the right match and meet everyone’s goals. Often, the best ones can access you to positions that aren’t even advertised publicly.

In the Central Valley area, PrideStaff Fresno lives up to its name: we pride ourselves on a proven track record of placing job seekers like you in a variety of exciting fields including accounting and finance, customer service, healthcare, IT, manufacturing and more. Contact us today for more information – and let’s make this one a summer to remember as you soar in your career!

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