Why live in Fresno, California? And, what kind of job opportunities are there if you did decide to make it your hometown?

Fresno offers the advantages of big-city living, yet it has retained a small-town feel. Amenities like shopping, an amazing, diverse restaurant scene and world-class hospitals compliment farmers markets and fresh produce all year long, as Fresno is the agricultural capital of the world. There are award-winning schools, a popular local college, beautiful neighborhoods, and more.

And here’s a recap of five current top job opportunities in Fresno and the surrounding vicinity:

  1. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants play an invaluable role in organizing, managing, and keeping offices running. Many would argue, with good reason, that they are the backbones of their companies. Typical job duties include file organization, appointment scheduling, drafting of correspondence, and possibly purchasing, managing supplies, and working with vendors. Admins, as they are often called, also use computers extensively to work with spreadsheets, create reports and presentations, and manage databases.

  1. Accountant

Serving in various specific roles, accountants help their employers make important financial decisions as they collect, track and correct company finances. They are responsible for financial audits, reconciliation of bank statements, and ensuring that all records stay current and accurate. They also maintain financial records, provide related recommendations, and help ensure legal compliance.

  1. Receptionist

These professionals are often the first point of contact that visitors, potential hires and others have with a company. They literally “receive” them, either online, on the phone, in person, or all of the above. They interact with clients, customers, delivery staff and whomever else comes in contact with their organization throughout the day. The best receptionists are masters of communications and time management skills.

  1. Forklift Operator

A forklift operator is a professional responsible for moving goods around a warehouse or other industrial site.They do this by using a forklift to unload deliveries and stack boxes for storage purposes. To excel in this role, it helps to have strong hand/eye coordination and communication abilities. It’s up to them to help ensure workers are safe throughout their shifts.

  1. Mechanic

Mechanics perform repair and maintenance work on company equipment and vehicles. As a mechanic, you may specialize in any one of various areas, such as repair to small engines or larger manufacturing equipment. Like forklift operators and others who typically work in industrial settings, mechanics need to be reliable, up to date on all required skills, and constantly aware of OSHA and other safety guidelines as they impact their specific roles.

These are just a small sample of the myriad career options available or on the horizon in the Fresno area. To learn more about these and other professional opportunities in the city and metro region, contact PrideStaff today. You can also learn more about current area job prospects here or from this update by the Fresno Bee.

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