The job marketplace has evolved drastically in recent years, with the ball in candidates’ court more often than not. And even when candidates are plentiful, making the right hiring decision is a challenge.

What’s an employer to do? Here are some suggestions:

Know your hiring needs.

Anticipate as many of your upcoming hiring needs as possible. For instance, who do you know is planning to retire soon? Are there plans for expansion in the works? This will assist you in lining up promising candidates early.

Also consider how easy – or difficult – it will be to fill each specific role. This can help you further focus your attention on creative recruitment efforts.

Always be recruiting.

Even if you currently have no job vacancies, continuously work to deepen your talent pool. Include general application information on your career page to encourage submissions year round. Create a generic online application and a direct link where job seekers can send their resumes.

Streamline your application process.

Put yourself in a job seeker’s shoes. Would you bother applying at a company with a long, belabored application process? Make things as quick and efficient as possible. Otherwise, you will lose good potential hires.

Take a hard look at your compensation offerings.

It’s not unusual for candidates today to receive multiple job offers. So, their decision where to work may come down to not just salary, but also the benefits being offered. Compare yours to industry and competitors’ standards. Zero in on any unique perks that make you stand out as an employer of choice. The highest priorities among current job seekers include:

Last but not least, remember: there is no one-size-fits all panacea. Tailor your compensation offerings to each individual candidate. What works and is necessary for one may be completely different for another.

Tap into previous and existing connections.

You likely have more hiring resources and contacts at your fingertips than you realize.

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