If Fresno County is home, or you would like it to be where you grow your career and lifestyle starting in 2024, which professional opportunities and growth trends should you be aware of as you seek out your next employer?

Job openings are up in a variety of areas, from roles requiring a doctoral or other professional degree  through those with a high school diploma or no formal credentials required. These encompass industries ranging from healthcare, law, education and computers through farming, food service, childcare, and customer service.

The future looks bright for job seekers in Fresno, the biggest city in California’s Central Valley region.

A Decade of Growth

There has been a 12.3 percent increase since 2014 in overall industry employment in Fresno County. This includes self-employed and private household workers, as well as both farm and nonfarm employees.

These and other statistics come from the most recent labor information reported by California’s Employment Development Department. Zeroing in on specific growing occupations and the education requirements attached to them, see if your career goals align with working as a:

So many options!

To help find the one that’s best for you and your unique needs and aspirations, contact PrideStaff Fresno today. The right job is closer than you think!

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