Mistakes You Can Make When Job Hunting

Making a mistake is rarely a plus, even as you learn from it. And while nobody’s perfect, there are certain circumstances under which errors can have far-reaching consequences. One of these is your job search. It could take you out of the running – perhaps immediately – for the career opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Here are two areas where job search mistakes commonly occur, so you can steer clear of them:

Shortfalls in Your Online Presence

Potential employers are likely to search for you online, so make sure they’re impressed by whatever they find. Ensure that all your public profiles, as well as any content posted about you, reflects your preferred professional image.

  • Do damage control if necessary. Take down any narratives, images or videos that may portray you in the wrong light. If content has been posted by others, ask them to remove anything that you feel may look less than stellar to a prospective future boss.
  • LinkedIn continues to lead the way. While you shouldn’t limit your social presence to this platform, LinkedIn is still considered the benchmark for professional networking, with 900 million users It’s not enough simply to create an account and check it periodically. Be an active and regular participant. Personalize your messages as you grow your network, post relevant industry links and other material, and join Groups. You may also want to invest in a Premium account, so you can use InMail credits to connect with people outside of your network.

Failure to Prepare

When you land an interview, the last thing you should do is rest on your laurels until the big day arrives. Sure, pat yourself on the back and do a happy dance. But then, buckle down and be prepared, so you can go in confident and secure in your own capabilities and strengths. This includes:

  • Rehearsing your message points and common responses out loud. Be 100 percent ready to leave the information that will get you hired on the table. What sounds perfect in your head may come out much differently when expressed out loud, especially in a stressful situation like a job interview. So, rehearse in front of a mirror or, even better, with a trusted friend, colleague or coach.
  • Having your own questions ready. Often, interviewers will ask if you have any questions, but even if they don’t, have some ready and bring them up at the appropriate time. Don’t appear less than completely interested by saying you have no questions. There’s always more to learn.

One of your best resources to avoid costly mistakes and keep your job search on track is a career coach who will partner with you throughout the process, from resume and interview prep through communicating with recruiters and negotiating once an offer is made. PrideStaff Fresno has an experienced team of experts who can help – as well as an awesome network and a wealth of resources for candidates like you. Contact us today to learn more.