Being unemployed for an extended period can be frustrating, depressing, and frankly, soul-gutting. It can lead you to doubt your abilities, your strengths, and if it’s too prolonged, your self-worth.

Even if you’ve experienced a job loss due to factors outside your control, like the economic cutbacks that have been so prevalent in recent years, the situation can wreak havoc on your well-being, not to mention your wallet.

The good news is: There are steps you can take to shift your mindset and adjust your strategy going forward, so the right job for you starts to look and feel – and soon will become – a reality, not just a blurry vision somewhere down the line.

Hit reset.

Start by taking a beat. Remind yourself that good things take time. Hit a mental reset and truly believe that you will succeed. Breathe in, and breathe out. Now. Time to move forward. You got this!

Revamp your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Have you been using the same – or maybe an ever-so-slightly modified, resume, to apply for jobs? And, how did that work out?!

Amp up your networking.

Think of this as a two-part approach:

  1. Be more proactive about reaching out to key people to whom you’re already connected. Refresh these relationships, even if you haven’t been in touch with people for a while. Let them know what you’re looking for, and the value you could provide if hired for the right position.
  2. Expand your existing network. Utilize LinkedIn and other venues to fine people who work at your target companies and industries. Make or strengthen your connections.
  3. Don’t forget about the post feature. Go to the activity section of people you admire and click on the post tab. Think about how you can engage with them – and then do it. For starters, leave an insightful comment. The start of a meaningful, productive relationship is to connect first, before you make an ask.

Fill your employment gap fruitfully.

Another productive way to fill your employment gap is to volunteer, do freelance or contract work, get additional training in your field, or write articles or otherwise contribute relevant content that will help establish you as a subject matter expert. You’ll feel better – and you’ll have more of a well-rounded picture to show prospective employers.

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