The Importance of Employee Engagement During the Holidays

It can be challenging to stay focused during the holidays. There’s a lot going on: shopping, entertaining or being entertained, cooking, baking, planning, decorating, traveling … in addition to trying to concentrate on work.

In the midst of it all, how do you keep your employees engaged and productive as the year winds down?

Start by remembering that the holiday season can hold different meanings for different people. Respect everyone’s needs and backgrounds, and build this inclusion into your workplace culture, now and year round. Have special respect for those who may have experienced grief, loss, or other struggles during the past 12 months. From there, craft a plan to observe the holidays in a way that shows how much your employees mean to you and your business.

Recognize successes.

Acknowledge the year’s company, team, and individual employee milestones and achievements. Even simple tactics like personalized thank-you cards, phone calls, and congratulatory emails can go a long way toward keeping satisfaction and engagement levels high.

  • The operative word is “personalized.” Tailor your employee recognition rewards to each specific person or group, and make them appropriate to the accomplishment.
  • Think first. For instance, in the case of a major project completed, you may want to treat people to lunch at a local restaurant or give everyone a comparable gift card or other monetary award. Or, give an employee a gift package for a family theater outing if they have youngsters at home.

Give back.

Build camaraderie by offering volunteer opportunities, whether your employees spend a day working at a food pantry, collecting Toys for Tots, or having a clothing drive. There are no greater gifts than one’s time and talent. And of course, your community, as well as your company, benefits.

  • Keep this relevant, too, by surveying your employees to see which organizations they would like to support. You can even choose more than one, give people a paid half or full day to volunteer, and then have everyone meet up afterwards for drinks or coffee.

Promote good health.

Cold, Covid and flu season is upon us. Plus, people can easily become stressed, anxious, or burned out at this time of year. Do whatever it takes to promote people’s health and well-being.

  • Encourage time off to be with loved ones. And allow flexibility for people to work around family and other personal needs, whether it’s leaving early to catch a flight or taking half a day off for the school holiday concert. As a result, your employees will be more focused, energetic and productive when they are on the clock.

Have fun.

With sensitivity to everyone’s needs and commitments, keep the atmosphere light and multicultural. How about a potluck lunch where everyone contributes dishes reflective of their favorite traditions? Let people celebrate together, despite their differences.

Contact PrideStaff Fresno for additional ideas on building employee recognition and engagement – and building your team through innovative staffing and team development solutions – regardless of the season. And celebrate your holidays safely and well!